Sunday, 6 January 2019

A funny story about Sugru

Faithful readers would remember that Daisy has a penchant for chewing cords (the Christmas tree, my computer cords, etc.). Her trick, when she's bored, and she wants me to play with her, is to detach the power cord from the laptop. I caught her in the act, when the camera was ready. BUSTED!
March, 2017

PLAN A – Dec. 23

Jesse noticed my cord, when they visited in December.

He told me about a brilliant item. (He's always full of ideas.) It's mouldable glue. You wrap it around a computer cable, for example, and it repairs them. I ordered it from Canadian Tire, to pick up at the store. Sadly, after TWO WEEKS, they said they didn't have it and couldn't fulfill my order.

PLAN B – Dec. 31

Back online, I found it at Home hardware. Terrific. I added hubby's name for pick-up, and placed the order. They sent an email Friday, saying it was ready for pick up. But, beware!
This order can only be picked up by the owner of the credit card used to make the purchase or the pickup party designated in checkout. Bring a government-issued ID with your picture on it (such as a driver's license or passport).
So, I sent him to the store to pick up an order I'd placed online. Often, I send him in and he has trouble finding things. It's not him. It's the staff who don't always know things. I sent him in, once, for chandelier light bulbs, and they told him they didn't have that kind. They do! I found them.

Anyway, hubby suggested we go out for dinner. I needed a new bra, and I suggested with split up. He dropped me off. I tried 6 bras, and found one that suited me. In the meantime, he was to pick up my order and buy me a new bathtub plug. He talked about buying an on-sale hat.
I met him at the restaurant.

I heard the story about my order. He asked for an order for him. Nada. He looked at the customer service counter. He looked in the back. Still nada. Then, they looked in the computer cable section. There was nothing like this there.

Then, Joe said it might be under Jilks. The guy didn't bother to look. The clerk gave up. We had a lovely dinner. Everyone liked his hat.

PLAN C – Saturday, Jan. 5

Hubby is persistent. Back to Home Hardware, printed order in hand. It's even addressed to him!
Remember the warning (above) in red? He went to the clerk. She looked and looked. As she did, JB looked up at the large banner advertising their: Home Furniture

They looked in the front. They looked in the back. They finally found it. Someone was growing weary, though. Hubby needed to present his ID, as well as his credit card. He asked –why the credit card, as the order is prepaid and it wasn't on his card. That threw her.  Then, he was about to leave, and she called him back. She talked about it with someone else, for a moment. Then asked someone else. Nope. Good to go. The poor man! 

Voila. Note the 'Jilks' on it.

Big box stores really have to get their acts together, says JB. No wonder Amazon is dominating. It's much easier to find a product, order it, and get it shipped to your door. I loathe it. We try to buy locally.
This stuff was designed by an Irish woman. I'll let you know how it goes. I have to remove the danged duct tape first!



Anvilcloud said...

bra ... split up

Yes, this kind of happens. hahaha

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh is Irish (as in Republic of). She was studying in Britain when this idea arose. She has mixed reviews here; as she was winning the EU Inventors Prize last June, she was selling her business to German adhesives giant Tesa... but at a loss to her crowd-funding investors. It is sad how very often the inventors of a thing are rarely those to capitalise on it. Fascinating product and will look forward to your report on its use!

Meanwhile, love the addition to the hat collection!!! YAM xx

Gaelyn said...

Hope that stuff works.

Christine said...

glad you finally got this interesting product, sounds useful.

Nancy J said...

Life should be easy. Yesterday we went to a fairly large ( for our area) hardware store to get Hugh a cordless drill/driver. We looked online before we went. They were supposed to have 2, couldn't find either, one other had no battery? We both held several models, he suggested a very cheap one?? then after looking again,I spotted a box under the display counter with the very one Hugh wanted, we had found it online, but they were out of stock.The man had not even suggested this,although it has a perfect hand grip for Hugh with his arthritis.He seemed to be so uninterested, I guess, every man and woman for themselves!!! I came home with a beauty Impatiens, an icecream scoop and some small nicotiana plants, from Christmas vouchers.Hope the gum/glue works.XXX

Red said...

Is the system so convoluted that it doesn't work or is the staff so pathetic they can do their job?

Kay L. Davies said...

By the time we get to our age, most of us have been through something similar, but I've always enjoyed good service at Home Hardware, in the Vancouver suburbs, in Ashcroft, BC, and now in Redcliff, Alberta. Too bad JB had to go through all that hair-pulling fuss and bother.

Jenn Jilks said...

Thanks, Yam. That was quite ignorant of me!

Angie said...

Jenn - yes, we prefer to shop locally as well, but there comes a point when my time is more valuable, especially when a one-way drive into town is 30 minutes for us … Happy New Year to you!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Every order pickup trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s Bill says the same thing you did re. comparing them to Amazon. And if he goes to get something small in the store (instead of ordering first) he says he always has to find it himself ...he says he knows more about the store than the workers do. Sometimes their website will say they have something at our particular branch and nobody in the store knows a thing about it.

William Kendall said...

That's the first time I've heard of that product.

Unknown said...

Just to clarify, I am the person who handled your order at our store. I got the email informing me that you had placed an order. I saw we had stock, so I pulled one from the shelf and tagged it for you. I marked that I was filling it from stock on the form with the online company so that you got the email alert. That way, you don't have to wait a week for it to be shipped to us from our warehouse.
After that point, I have no idea why it became so complicated to pick up your order, as we have a fairly streamlined procedure in place. I have a specific spot in the warehouse where these orders are placed.
I had also put your husband's name on the form, and it was marked as a gift order on the printout from the online company.
All I can do is apologize for the convoluted adventure that it became for you, and possibly offer an explanation that we did have some new staff around that time who were just learning.
When we pick up your order, we are required to check off a box to indicate that we have verified the ID and credit card that was used. It's not something we do just to irritate the customer. It's to protect the customer against fraudulent purchases. The online order company wants to make sure someone hasn't stolen a credit card and is placing random orders here and there to make sure it's good, before they start racking up hundred of dollars on your card.
When it is marked as a gift order, however, we are only required to verify the ID. Possibly the cashier was just making sure she did everything "by the book".
Again, I do apologize that it became such an ordeal. This is not acceptable, as good customer service is our goal.

Jenn Jilks said...

Thank you so much, unknown, for clarifying! It was quite the mystery.