Thursday, 13 December 2018

Wetland walkies, and other things

It's been stressful lately, for me. I've been avoiding triggers, as it's the little things driving up my anxiety levels. I just have to turn off the news. It's a factor of depression, too, when I view others on fabulous vacations in warm places, it gets to me.

It helps to laugh with someone. Anvilcloud posted his "i am not making this up" venting merrily with self-deprecating humour, and so I persist.
  • The bird bath is leaking, again.
  • I can't get the trailcam in the right spot, with the right settings. (I think the traffic was triggering it.)
  • My new glasses, which might help me with photography, are delayed, and after ordering them with a promise of a 6-hour turn around, they phoned and said they are going to be a week and an additional $100 due to my horrid myopic prescription level. Not only that, but their big December sale, where you pick a box for a discount, I only managed 5% off my purchase. Sigh. I know I'm at the edge when I nearly wept, again.
  • Then, there is Daisy. JB has been really good with her, I'm losing patience. She is draining both of us, her personality has changed, we shall persevere. I can't make any decisions right now. 
  • Every other email or social media post is a request for money.
  • Angry Birds, which has been fun, is raising my blood pressure!
  • I'm estranged from my youngest. 
What helps? Taking my meds. Reading. Sappy Christmas movies. "Don't judge me," as I wrote online. There was some debate on Facebook, with many dissing the genre. I know they are sappy, but they are getting better. This one features a young lawyer, and an ending I can trust. No one gets killed. There is a diverse cast. The Hallmark videos are filmed in Canada. I like looking for clues as to the location. It's a hobby. I've seen 35 movies on TV!
Image result for christmas everlasting
Christmas Everlasting (2018)

The trailcam...
The coyote was a bit shy, in the first few seconds. Bambi has been busy.

JB is doing well. He's been really supportive. In a moment of weakness, he went out without a coat. This is highly unusual. It was worth a photo-op.

I hauled some more wood. It's getting low. This is good exercise for me. I shall likely have to order more in the new year, if things keep up as they are. (The temperatures, I mean.)

I went for a woodland wetland walk in the sunshine. It felt really good. 
I found a deer bed. Trees. Crunchy snow.

The frozen wetland is a transportation route for all of us. Deer, coyote, turkey, and the fox.

This is my men's size 7 boot. This is a fair-sized coyote track.

The fox marked a stump! The coyote sniffed it! I love the stories in the snow. The fox has avoided the trailcam, I ran out of battery.

The edge of the wetland is wet! It thaws first. It is solid walking on it in the middle, though. No soakers! You can see how the coyote used it.

My client cancelled today, it sort of leaves me hanging. On Tuesday, I finished a sketch at her house. It's a moment of distraction, and a conversation piece for the two of us. I'm there 3 hours, twice a week. Sometimes we run out of new things to talk about and rehash the old. I have to fight to keep her positive.

On my walk, I heard these deep clicking noises. I was walking in circles, until I figured it out! The sound bounced off the trees, in a weird sort of way.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I love tip-toeing Bambi... hope there are no repercussions from the outing without a coat! Stay strong, stay warm you two. YAM xx

DUTA said...

Life is made up of a lot of little annoyances. But it's the great annoyance, the cold weather, that raises the level of depression. Vacation in warm places could,indeed, help.
Lovely drawing!

Karen said...

I'm sorry you are having a rough patch Jenn. It's a bad time of year for that stuff. I too am estranged from one of my children. It's very hard to wrap your head around isn't it? People who don't have that in their life just can't understand it.
I'm not a big fan of the Christmas movies. Perhaps I've watched so many that they all seem the same?? We had one filmed in our area in October, called Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe. It has been on CityTV but should show up on W soon. We have a wonderful Inn in Pembroke called Grey Gables that figures prominently in this film. Most of the indoor scenes were filmed there. We know that place well.
They film a lot of these movies in Manotick, Uxbridge and Huntsville, so we almost make a game of picking out the locations.
I hope your day gets better. K

William Kendall said...

I'm sorry for what you're dealing with at the moment. One day at a time.

Angie said...

Jenn - sorry to hear you are distressed. I may be putting my head in the sand, but I generally avoid the news - every couple of days I will ask my hubby if there is anything that I need to know … I am on FaceBook with a very limited number of people, and blogging is my only other form of social media. There is always the temptation to compare ourselves to others - like how jealous I am of the critters you get on your trail cam - LOL! I hope your tactics for getting beyond it work for you. (Oh, and I love sappy Christmas movies!)

Nora said...

I loved reading the text on your posting, I usually skim through many of the blogs but always read what you are doing. I am going through many similar feelings as you describe in your notations. I also taped some Christmas movies as I am so tired of the terrible news and violent tv movies. When I read your posting it makes me feel like someone knows me and is like me. What more could I want. hugs.

Lady Fi said...

Lovely winter shots.

Out To Pasture said...

Like you, I'm impressed by the size of local coyote paw prints. Makes me concerned about fox welfare. Sorry to hear about Daisy's continuing unhappiness. You and JB have heroic patience. Also sorry about the family estrangement. Deeply wounding, I know from personal experience and happens too often everywhere. Your new trail cam takes lovely clear pics, Jennifer. Last night my motion triggered yard light came on and I looked out to see Jimmy Skunk desperately after some dried cat food I had tossed into the snow. Tonight I'll put out a little meal for the poor fellow.

Anvilcloud said...

Sorry that life continues to be tough on you. All the best and do whatever works for you.