Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Forest frolics

I enjoy my forest frolics. The challenge is to spot something worthwhile to photograph! One, teeny weeny flower amongst the dead leaves.

Daisy had a bit of energy, and came along. As usual, moving quickly along fallen trees, using them as a bridge, a bit slower on the wet leaves.

Then, she flung herself up a tree. A good test for her, as we have coyotes in the forest.

With the recent rains, the frogpond is filling up a bit. This is good, as it is protection for the frogs, tadpoles, salamanders, shiners, that hibernate in this refuge in the frozen winter. The wetland grasses are all flattened. Daisy looked a bit uncertain.

In the backyard, were are still spots where the snow had not yet melted.

After our snowfall, I looked at the goldfish pond, near the house, and saw three froggies!

Then, there is the trailcam. This is a different coyote, with a dark spot near the base of its tail, as well as the black end of its tail. The other one only has a black tip.

Two dohs, and Annabelle! You know, doh, a deer... I have trouble spelling it 'does!'


Anvilcloud said...

I drew a bit of a blank at dohs. I knew it wasn't right, but then my mind went blank. :)

William Kendall said...

Daisy obviously has no problem with the descent too!

Red said...

Things are slowly turning into winter.

Christine said...

A nice walk!

Powell River Books said...

I've been hearing a frog outside for the last month, but haven't seen it. Pictures of your cats are always appreciated. - Margy

Angie said...

I always enjoy your coyote shots … we went out for a walk in the snow today to change locations for our trail cam, and to place a couple for our future neighbors (who currently live in California). We saw lots of coyote tracks!