Wednesday 10 October 2018

Bringing in the goldfish!

Thursday, Oct. 4th

This process began last week. It began with a lady beetle bite, and then a wasp bite. I'm a wreck!

It took hours to drain it, with a garden hose as syphon. I kept going out to find more fish, taking break in between, going back indoors. It was a lovely, sunny day Thursday. In days gone by, I've waited too long and have had to hang out in damp, cold weather.

Fri., Oct 5th

Still at it. I got into the pond, wearing boots, and nearly fell on me arse. I have a large bruise on my knee. The water was just up to my boots.

I tipped over the cement blocks, where the goldfish hide. 

The froggies are laughing at me!

Saturday afternoon, I had helpers

Caitlin and JL helped me do some outdoor chores when they were here. What a help they were! I've been trying to bring the goldfish in for days. One still remained.

Josee was a trooper. It's cool out, and I think she brought almost a dozen babies in. They slept over, and went home Sunday after we took a walk at the wildlife park. (More on that later!)

Sun., Oct. 7th

Finally, Sunday night, I found the last fish in the dusk. It was hiding under one of the cement blocks. She's in the 2nd photo, at the bottom. I think it is a 'she' as another was being 'friendly!'

The day after, we had massive rains, and the pond filled back up again.

I visited my client, and installed her new feeder. They had one bird visit, but it is a start.

The pond has shiners, as well as hybrid goldfish babies.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Now I know it's going to get colder... Jenn's fish are! YAM xx

Cloudia said...

Fabulous accomplishment and place, J!

William Kendall said...

You wonder what the fish think of the twice a year move.

Red said...

I didn't know keeping a pond was so much work. However these yard ponds are very valuable.

Christine said...

Sorry about all the injuries!

Olga said...

QUite the project. The cats will be entertained for the winter.