Sunday, 7 October 2018

A walk on the wild side

JB was watching baseball, I thought I'd go to the Wildlife Reserve Monday, Oct. 1st.

Perth Wildlife Reserve CA Trail Map
Jebbs Creek runs through it.

I was duly scolded by this red squirrel!

Somebody had some lunch!

A lovely path through the cedars.

All through the forest, the Virginia Creeper is turning red.

The wild grape vines are ancient and determined.

The path has suffered wind damage from storms. Most of it was cleaned up. I crawled through this with the backpack on! These are young dead elm trees, with wild grapes weighing them down.

and out!

Isn't this worth it?

There are lots of berries for the critters. This is common buckthorn.

Common Buckthorn – Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program

I didn't take a photo of the viewing platform, but this is the view from the top. The 2nd photo is from a previous visit: Perth Wildlife Reserve & Tay Marsh, where we saw many birds, and a hare. Many of our songbirds are gone.

Back on the path.

A lovely old fence with lichen.

They were planning an embayment project. Scheduled for Thursday, I planned on returning after that. (I had an appointment Thursday!) I'd forgotten, but they are doing a renovation, to encourage habitat. (More on that later!)

Wood duck nesting box, ready for next year!

"This sugar maple was planted on June 26, 2016, to celebrate the planting of six million trees across the watershed by the RVCA and its many partners."


Olga Hebert said...

Nice tour of the preserve - looks like a great place for a Saturday stroll.

Anvilcloud said...

13 years hereabouts and never heard of it before.

Nancy J said...

So peaceful through the trees, and a great view from the high platform. Leaves changing to red, you will be having colder days now.

William Kendall said...

It looks like quite a wonderful place to explore!

Peace Thyme said...

Ah, the beautiful smell of a cedar tree! Lovely walk through the woods and to the water. Thanks!

Red said...

You have something of good quality to visit.

Angie said...

I would have joined you in a heartbeat rather than watch baseball … a lovely collection of photos, especially the hare!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'd rather do that than watch TV any day!