Thursday, 31 May 2018

Flora and fauna

Bye birdies. Junior Bear won't let me watch you anymore!
We've had a pair of finches and grosbeaks.

Fungus, who eats this stuff?!

I was out in the garden. A swallowtail was flying by and landed on the lilacs. I so love that bush.

I looked up... and lo, and behold!

This golden bug was quite interesting. I have to look it up.

The bleeding hearts are so beautiful. A hummingbird buzzed me as I looked at them.



Anvilcloud said...

Funny that I dreamed of bears last night and someone being killed by one.

Olga said...

You surroundings are certainly bursting with life. I watched a hummingbird buzzing around my lilacs, but they are fading fast now. I am watching a pair of cardinals in the small patch of yard behind my condo -- there so frequently I am convinced they are they for the sole purpose of keeping me company. (That and nesting in order to continue their species.)

William Kendall said...

Hummingbirds are quite territorial. If they were any bigger, they could be problematic.

Christine said...

Beautiful shots! It's a lovely time of year.

Angie said...

Bleeding hearts - isn't it an amazing plant? Funny you were buzzed by the hummingbird - they seem to know to hover around me when the feeder is empty!

Kay said...

Happy spring and summer to you. I used to have bleeding hearts when we lived in Illinois. They are such sweet looking flowers. I love the dragon fly and heron photo.