Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Festival of the Maples

April 28, 2018
I think Maplefest is the first festival of the season. Spring is here! It had dumped rain overnight, and we expected more, everyone took advantage of the break. It was packed! It's all about food and maple syrup. We have quite a few producers in the area. JB bought some from this beautiful young lady at Oliver's Mapleworks.
After this, we went home. The kids were coming for a visit and for dinner.

They were making smores!!! How hot is that?! Home heating is pretty important in Lanark County!

Lots of colour!

There were lots of food booths.

We both had a chicken fajita in a pita bread. It was messy and delicious!

Lots of fundraisers...

There is always a kids' area, with firefighters and big trucks.

The OPP always have a big presence. You can check out the trucks, and talk to them.

The signage is clear:
The church should charge for parking during festivals! The parking lot was packed.


Anvilcloud said...

I remember having maple beer in a pub the year that we went. It was quite good.

Ella said...

I want maple syrup from Canada ... is the best syrup ever!
I also like the hats! :)

Yamini MacLean said...

hari OM
If it's anything like here, the church would have to jump through hoops with the council to get the permission for charging - which might over-ride the value obtained! Looks like a well attended and fun fair... mmmmmmaple syrup... YAM xx

William Kendall said...

It certainly looks like it was busy!

Powell River Books said...

Our maples are full of light green leaves and long hanging catkins. Very pretty. There is someone on Texada Island that is tapping our variety of maple to make syrup. I've heard it is pretty good. - Margy

Nancy J said...

What a huge crowd, and REAL maple syrup, so expensive down here, but SO delicious.

Red said...

You guys know how to have fun even if it's raining.

Kay said...

This looks like so much fun. We loved the maple syrup we bought when we were in Canada.

Authors with Advice said...

Such a big crowd and maple syrup plus beer sounds awesome!