Tuesday 8 May 2018

Book Review: Uncorking a Murder

I was sent this book for review. I held my judgement, as I find some books by male writers are too creepy for me. Plus, it's really difficult to find a publisher, and to market a book, sometimes self-published authors cut corners. This was not the case.

It was well-edited (my pet peeve!) and read well. There was a surprising twist, which I simply did not see. Of course, crimes can be horribly graphic, no worse then many current cop shows. Not that I clutched my pearls, as I skipped some of the gruesome details.

The book is in two sections. Part One, the murder, takes place in 2011. Part Two, in 2016. You need to get through the gruesome in part one to get to the great part of the mystery. In the second part of the book, a journalist creates a podcast of the mystery, with the help of the retired detective. This was interesting, since I've been listening to CBC's Someone Knows Something podcasts, now in Season 4, which has been doing the same thing.

Another podcast I've followed are: Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo. Cleo was taken up in the Sixties Scoop, put up for adoption and died. The family, her siblings, never knew what happened until Connie Walker, CBC journalist, and her team, did some digging.

Uncorking A Murder (fiction, mystery, detective, crime) A retired detective, short on time, is looking to right a wrong in this "Serial meets Gone Girl" thriller. 

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William Kendall said...

It sounds like an intriguing read!