Monday, 2 April 2018

Happy Easter and Happy Passover

In preparation for the kids' arrival, I finished last-minute decorations. Frosty looked cold, I added the jacket.

We have a pair of rabbits who appear regularly on the trailcam. This one was out near dinner.

I hauled some wood from the shed to the house. The girls like to play in the basement and I have to keep it warm. A bit of an issue... once I'd loaded the wagon, it wouldn't move. The wheels were FLAT. Sigh.
 I have to move the wood before the phoebes try to nest in here [Update on the phoebe nest–2016]. Or the robins, which they did last year [Robin red-breast nesting progress]. The cats can jump up if the wood is there. Fortunately, the tire pump worked, even loaded up like this. It's been chilly, -6 C. this morning. 

The kids came for lunch. I set the table. This is the 'after' photo! Izzy came upstairs, at one point, 'The fire needs attention!" I complied.

The smoked ham was a large one, we'll have leftovers. I basted it every 20 minutes.  Chef John's Honey Glazed ham. Cloves, honey, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, etc.
It took longer than I thought, not quite thawed. We sent the kids off on a treasure hunt.
Grampa wrote a poem, a clue for the hidden stuffed dinosaurs. The girls found them downstairs.

Presents for the cats: this is stuffed with catnip.

After lunch, we did Facetime with the kids in Vancouver! It's fun watching the grandies interact with one another. We have three granddaughters, altogether. We sang the ABC song, and Cluny's Bing Bong song. Cluny showed us how old she is (2).  Much fun had by all!

Peppy Pig Bing Bong song! I just can't get it out of my head! Hooper had a grand time. Here he's lying on Josee's hair!

The girls made the dessert! Carrot cake, of course. Then off they went home. Hooper didn't know what to do with himself!


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
My, only now I see that Hooper has become a proper he-cat, large and handsome... and very cuddlesome!!! YAM xx

Tom said...'s nice to see that your neck of the woods doesn't look like your header now. Enjoy your week.

Jenn Jilks said...

Isn't he funny, Yam? He's 8 months now.

I suppose I best change it, Tom!

Lady Fi said...

That bunny cake looks delicious.

Nancy J said...

I can see you will have to do a second book, with JB's poems, This is a beauty. Josee, a beautiful young lady with hair that just says " Come lie on me". What a wonderful time you had together.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! The bunny cake is super cute. I had wanted to do a special cake with our children this year, but then we had so much going on that it didn't happen.


carol l mckenna said...

Love Grandpa's poem and all your delightful photos ~ what a happy and loving Easter you had! xxx

Happy Days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Red said...

What a celebration you make for some awesome grandchildren!

Phil Slade said...

All of our grand daughters have loved Peppa Pig but growing out of her now. Theo was never into Peppa Pig. Good to hear of your prep for the nesting season.

Anvilcloud said...

As usual, you seem to do it right and well.

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

I went down to the Agriculture Museum on Good Friday. As you might expect, it was very busy.