Sunday, 4 February 2018

Miscellaneous photos!

February is here. It's cold. At least it's not raining. It's tricky walking, and there is much ice under a skiff of snow. I've nothing exciting to report on my trailcam videos.

Hubby has a new keyboard, though. He spilled his nutritional immunity booster supplement, laced with syrup, on his keyboard a month ago. The repair shop got a lot of it off some of the innards, but the numbers and ESC keys don't work. He bought a new one. Happy man.

Daisy likes the sunshine.

Josephine and I made this last year! They were supposed to visit this weekend, but we're both fighting a cold, if not flu (I'm feeling dizzy) and thought we'd just take it easy.  There are terrible bouts of flu going around, on both sides of the border.

To date this season, in Canada 28,729 laboratory-confirmed influenza detections have been reported. The Respiratory Virus Detections in Canada Report. The US has been having a hard time: CDC weekly flu reportChild Death Toll Rises To 53 As US Flu Outbreak Worsens.

Daisy hopped into the car when hubby came home from grocery shopping. She and Hooper have been getting along well. She's quite healthy after she bit into the Christmas tree lights and burned her tongue.

That said, Daisy cat does tend to eat too quickly and was about to throw up on the clean stuff drying on the counter. JB yelled, “Don’t throw up on the cutlery!” She threw up in a tupperware container drying beside them. Good girl!

Our TV clicker got ill, quite worn out, and we couldn't read the buttons. We have a new one! Small joys in life... And, yes, we like watching TV!

Hubby is into the recent curling tournie, Scotties Tournament of Hearts 2018. He's got his charts and stats. I putter on my computer, watching the odd exciting moments.

This photo illustrates just how big Canada is, when this dedicated couple travels so far to watch the game! Can you believe it?! I am pretty sure they flew. Tuktoyaktuk has an airport!

Another snowstorm overnight, soon we'll have to go out and shovel. (After JB finishes watching his curling, taped overnight. He konked out at midnight!) Hubby measured 8cm. The poor birds have to doggy dig for seeds!

My paperwhite blossom is a little less than spectacular. Oh, well. I was going to do a whole post on them, but... you'll recall I sent hubby out to buy gravel to prevent Hooper from doggy digging in the pots.


DUTA said...

Even if a tiny drop of liquid touches the keyboard, it's death sentence. No point in taking it to the technician. So, I always have a spare one ready to be connected to the computer, just in case.. I buy the cheapest version in the shop (usually the chinese Silver Line model). It can last forever, provided no liquid gets spilt on it. I also keep a spare cheap mouse for my desktop computer.No need to buy expensive accessories.

Anvilcloud said...

It's still snowing out. I'm not unhappy to see it. It looks clean and soft for a change,

Powell River Books said...

Most of the northern communities have airports and only winter roads. We flew into Kugluktuk on the Arctic Ocean many years ago when we were allowed to have our airplane in Canada. It was an amazing community isolated. But of course we were there in summer. Winters must be a whole different thing. - Margy

Nancy J said...

I had a little Geography lesson, and saw that the road now goes to Tuktoyaktuk, might have opened recently, from Inuvik, NEW keyboard and remote, A long way, no matter what mode of travel.Dedicated beyond what I might imagine.You would need to be able to cope with no visitors, your own company for a long time, and live in harmony with the few friends nearby. Like all small communities, there would be a huge sense of support within the families. 4 years, 120 km, and $300 million, and it is open all year round. New keyboard and remote, enjoy that sunshine too.

William Kendall said...

Daisy looks like she knows the value of a good sun puddle.

Red said...

For all that it matters, I took my boat from Tuk to Hay River. Of course it was the Mackenzie river...all 1010 miles of it!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I hope you don't come down with a bad flu =-= it is terrible this year. Many cases here in our little resort park -- we've been skipping all potluck meals and group events ... really really don't want to get sick. And like for your hubby, mine really needs to try to stay well.