Monday, 8 January 2018

It's warm!

It's been a peculiar few days. Freezing, freezing cold, around -24 C., (about -10 F.) ! Nothing exciting on the trailcam for a few days. Last night there was 10 cm of snow, which was a surprise, but the 'warm-up' is wonderful.

I've busted my bird bath. I'm so sad. I think I know what I did, a lesson for next year. <sigh> It's cracked right around the rim, perhaps underneath, as well. You can see the massive ice build-up.

 It's funny seeing the little tracks around in the snow. The critters (voles, dratted red squirrels, and other rodents) have dug holes, reducing the amount of time they are above ground.
Then, just to rub it in, I keep seeing this ad in my web pages. I had my trip, Trip to the Dominican Republicwe're all done!

We've had a couple of bucks, a total of 12 deer yesterday. Then, 10 turkeys on a daily basis.
Trailcam Jan 2

Then, suddenly, in subzero temperatures, the coyote popped up near the deer feeders, scavenging for crumbs. They've been well-fed, as there was deer roadkill on the highway. They've had a good feed. Sadly, the trailcam (#1) doesn't do a great job, but I like knowing who goes there in the night.

coyote from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Out To Pasture said...

Sorry about your bird bath. I have two. One cement and one metal. The cement one cracks and I just mend it with cement repair compound. (King Top & Bond) The metal bath has an immersion heater. I love your trail cam videos -- especially the line of marching turkeys and the foraging coyote. Jennifer, I found that if my trail cam batteries are not at full charge the camera will not always trigger. So I bought a solar panel plug in. In the next day or so I'll set it up and let you know how well it works.

Christine said...

Thankful it has warmed up. Interesting how the animals cope in this cold. Can .I paint your cardinal photo, it is beautiful. I think it is cookies being stored, the reason for Dominican pop ups and that is the limit of my understanding.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
We are getting hit with the chills now... I drove home from Eastwards today, outside temps of minus five centigrade; and it is dropping now the sun's gone out! Nothing to match what you have had though! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

Maybe you can save the bird bath, and use it as an ornament next summer. Too lovely to not have in your garden somewhere. Feeding, I see on so many blogs that birds, deer, turkeys, squirrels and more are all coming in closer for the feed. They must know they are safe, and a meal is on hand. keep warm, too cold for me!!!

William Kendall said...

Quite a parade of turkeys!

Red said...

It's surprising how a little warm weather makes us feel so much better.

Nora said...

I was thinking of getting one of those bird baths. In the cold weather I have been putting out new water each day when it freezes. I enjoy coming here and reading your news, it takes me to another place and it is so familiar to me after so many years. Blogging is like letter writing I guess. I like your letters to me. I have enjoyed being a blogger along with you.

Anvilcloud said...

That line or turkeys was fun to watch.