Saturday, 27 January 2018

Another demolition!

Perth is a town created by those who farmed. Demobilised officers, granted 600 acres, built an infrastructure overtop a region that supported Hunter Gatherers First Nations for thousands of years.
There are a few industries here, to support some factory workers. We still have heritage farms, that have been in the family for 100, 150, 200 years. The town has been growing, and some commute into Ottawa. It's a lovely tourist town, as well as a great place to live!

It's interesting what they are putting into old factories!
It opened in the 1930s or so.
Hubby worked in this two summers, 1969/70.
They made coffee and powdered milk.
The only major employer in town.
This factory closed about 10 years ago!

It strikes me, as our economy changes, that all of these abandoned farms need to be turned over for something. The cities encroach upon nearby farmland, and land use changes. This was a farmhouse outside Perth, which has long been closed up. It's not truly a heritage house, as they are a dime a dozen around here. People are finally grasping that concept. This farm house has sat empty for a long time. This farm house went down in a day.

Canada has moved from First Nations hunting and gathering, to agriculture, industrial, and now technology. We still need many professions, but it has changed and diversified. (I taught Social Studies back in the day!)

The Darou-McPherson farmhouse, just down the road, is being dismantled and will be rebuilt elsewhere, I'm fuzzy on the details. I've been watching that one for a few months. Hubby has been ever so helpful, as he goes into town more than I, and captures the state of affairs.


Nancy J said...

Change, progress, call it what we like, sometimes I wonder what stories those old homes have inside? If this is rebuilt again, I am happy.

William Kendall said...

Still, a bit sad to see.

Kay said...

It is sad. The homes where I grew up are all gone too. A lot of history is also gone from the area. But yes, progress.

Anvilcloud said...

And the pace of change just seems to keep accelerating.

Red said...

I hate to see the old buildings destroyed.

Jenn Jilks said...

I don't know, Anvilcloud! The house has to be 150 years old. It'd need updates HVAC, electrical, and septic, etc.