Monday, 18 December 2017

Winter driving and safety

It's amazing how quickly the weather changes. Early December to late December.

I went into town for a hair cut. This guy was dragging two kids behind his car on kiddie sleds. What could go wrong?

Not one, but two drivers hadn't cleared their cars. That's a nice fine, if they are caught.

Then, we had a horrible incident on Bennett Lake. An 80-year-old when ice fishing on his ATV and didn't return. OPP diving crews found his body.
UPDATE: A man who went missing while ice fishing near Perth yesterday has been found dead, police say:

And on the 400 series highways...

Christmas Lights

Saturday night, we took Daisy into the vet. The lights were pretty. We don't normally go out at night. This was the best I could do in terms of photographic quality. Some of them are artsy. Yes, that. We'll call them artsy. I took them with the videocamera.
People go all out in Perth!
(She sees the vet today. I'll see how it goes.)


Anvilcloud said...

Dragging kids behind the car? Nope. can't think of anything that could go wrong.

Kay said...

That’s so sad to hear about all the winter tragedies. You really do have to be extra careful.

Nancy J said...

Very artsy indeed, so hard when the car cannot stop. Thoughts with you for the vet visitXXXXX

Powell River Books said...

We are rarely in town after dark, but last Tuesday we had a Flying Club meeting at 7:00 so we had to stay in the condo until the next morning. We drove to dinner and then to the meeting and got to see the Christmas lights displays. Some small, some very fancy. The boats in the yacht club at the marina were all lit up, but We didn't get to see the Christmas Truck. It's famous around here. A big semi all decked out in lights. - Margy

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...wait, what? Daisy in hospital... whaddid I miss???...oh just spotted your sidebar. Cats and Christmas trees. Sending POTP. YAM xx

Christine said...

Let's hope we all survive winter weather!