Friday, 22 December 2017

We maketh progress

Yesterday, I made progress.(Trees, Down they went) The vista is much more open with the dead trees down. I just have to stack it. It's off the driveway, at least. I felt sad, looking out at the two dead ones every day.

I am making progress. I take photos to make me realize that progress! It's tough lugging it through the snow. It's good exercise, if a bit hard on my back.

Then, there is the side yard, this is the leaner that scared us last month. Similarly dead, it fell against the house in November. The elm is a bit strange in that it twists as it falls. It took out the eavestrough. We can replace that in the spring. I'm slowly getting it out of the snow and stacking it.

The dead birch, it was a leaner, and it leans no more!

Hubby has been busy. He's prepared a menu for the next week, made a grocery list, and purchased it. He's even ordered a cake for my birthday on the 26th!

Then, to top it off, he arranged a dinner date, for after my afternoon with my client. We went to Michael's Table, where they had the Godfreys singing Christmas tunes.
Behind him was Penny, and the cook from Penny's, where he often goes into town to get me a 'kitchen sink' omelette, for a Sunday morning treat. He bought them a round of drinks! He's a good man!

Morning Routines

Medicine treats for Hooper

  • Opticare is for Hooper (our latest rescue cat:We have a new kitten!), whose eyes are getting better. Somebody hauled the package off of the counter, and began to chew the metallic pouch. (I had to decant it into a mason jar.) 

  • Hooper is on recovery food, he is still sneezing, Annabelle on 'weight control' food. 
  • The tube, Tobrex ointment – twice a day, is for Hooper's red, sore, weepy little eyes. They are improving. 
  • Daisy is getting Metacam, which is in the syringe. It doesn't please her, but it kills some of her pain so she can eat again.

Daisy's tongue is still sore, but shows improvement.
Special canned food, Tobrex, Metacam
Annie isn't thrilled with her Christmas collar,
it has bells on it!

Once the meds are dispensed, Hooper shows me where the cat food is situated. Daisy, (if you missed THAT saga, My poor Daisy) likes the kitten food crunchies, which is OK, as she's down to 3.7 kg, and not eating normally, yet. She's supposed to have food with her meds.

Then, we have to prevent Hooper from eating Annie's food, and vice versa! It's a bit of a circus as the grass is always greener!

So, I ease into the day, have a good breakfast, and stack some more wood. Talk to all of you later!


DUTA said...

You two look great in the pictures!
Glad your pets' health is improving.
Happy Holidays to you!

Nancy J said...

Easing into your day, sounds like a half day's work before you get warm gear on and venture to the wood pile. Photos to show progress, what a grand idea. Yesterday Hugh cut the last gum tree into rounds, and Wednesday will see it split and heaved onto the pile to dry. Hooray. I hope Daisy is improving. Hugs to you both as Christmas and a birthday are nigh.

Red said...

You love working with wood. You should get a good chain saw and go into cutting up trees for people!!!

Powell River Books said...

That's a lot of wood to move and stack. We need to cut some more wood for the shed, but spending Christmas in the States during a cold spell has saved us some. - Margy

Anvilcloud said...

The cats will keep you in blog fodder, I think.

Jenn Jilks said...

You're funny, Red! I have a chainsaw, but I'm not allowed to use it. I haven't been trained to do so!

William Kendall said...

Annabelle looks so cute with her Christmas collar!

Lowcarb team member said...

Great pictures of the two of you ...

All the best Jan