Friday, 1 December 2017

Trip to Dominican Republic 6: Wed.

Wed. Nov. 22

I sent email to Grampa, when I could get onto it. It was pretty wonky.
 Breakfast was plantain with garlic. For breakfast. Yummy. Egg on toast. They only had white bread and white rice.
Lots of smokers. Lunch at the beach restaurant. I had an hour massage, $25 US dollars.
Kids had a quiet time.
Back to our pool at our rooms.
 I asked for a messages for Grampa:
 From Izzy: "We all miss you a lot. Hope have fun making snow kittens."
From Josee: "I love you very much!"
Message from Caitlin: "Thank you for lending me mom!
Message from me: Miss you lots. Tired but happy. You'd be not so happy here. Crazy tourists.
Probably you can't see photos, as I don't have the bandwidth to upload them! We will see!

In the meantime, their Papa was still in Antarctica. Photos were few and far between, but he would text them daily. These he uploaded upon his return. I am making him a book of the photos for Christmas.

Back to warmer climes!
Josee didn't like this statue. She had to sit with her back to it! You can see Momma lower left, in line for fruit. We'd get the girls set up, then eat. Sometimes, it was quite crowded.

Down to the pool we went. What a treat. Josee loves taking photos, even selfies! You can see her freckles growing.

One tourist, at our pool, looked at our girls and said, 'poisson!' He was one of the men who helped us look for Josee's earring stud, which she lost!

You can see the coral reef, in our marked off beach area. Here are the girls, all in a row! These were great photos Caitlin took. I have yet to ID the fishies.

I spotted these new-style face masks. Caitlin wore a shirt which kept off the UV rays.

This is what we saw of Isabelle for most of our time in the DR! I love these little tops, Caitlin ordered them. They keep out UV rays.

Vendors are licenced to sell their wares. They sell cigars, jewelry, carvings and art. They can get irritating as all us tourists, while from various countries, apparently all look alike. They asked me three times each in an afternoon. "Non, gracias." All the vendors are men, with numbered t-shirts. I spotted one man who was #1. I don't know if he was head honcho!

There was a man on the beach selling jewelry, his fly was down and I couldn't figure out how too say 'zipper' Talked to two ladies from Waterloo, who figured it out. The one had taken Spanish lessons. She knew 'down' and what zipper was.

This woman was quite something. There were three of them in her group from Germany, at least they spoke German. She was covered in tattoos, which was fairly common. She went to the beach bar, just behind us where I sat, and brought back three rum and cokes. As she walked towards us I reached out for one and said, danke, she shook her head vociferously: NO! People were either really friendly, and liked a joke, or very standoffish. We had a lot of conversations with Canadians, who were interested in the girls, and engaged them.

My mani-pedi held up really well. I'm glad I had it done prior to leaving. It meant I didn't need to bring nail clippers, my nails were hard and strong with the shellac polish! Sadly, now I'm home I realized I cannot take off the polish with normal nail polish remover. Who knew??!!

Petite poisson!

This is the main pool, the towel bar in the rear.    The other photo is the smokers lobby.

Bugs bunny en Espanol!


Olga Hebert said...

Wow! Quite the contrast in vacation venues. I know where I would prefer to be, for sure!

DUTA said...

It looks like the trip of a lifetime. You've got it all: sun, water, family, entertainment. Above all, an ideal escape from cold weather to warm one.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Catching up... those snorkel masks look interesting - presumable designed for those without experience? I love snorkling. Not something one can readily do round our coasts! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

this must be the best of all holidays. Love those wraps, gauzy and so bright. Hope JB is managing OK, did manage OK, and is glad to have you home again. Southern photos, from one extreme to another.What a trip of a lifetime for him too.

William Kendall said...

The coral reef shots particularly appeal to me, and Antarctica looks magnificent.

Red said...

I love snorkeling.

Christine said...

yup this looks way better than Antarctica!

Powell River Books said...

Antarctica is a place I would love to visit. - Margy

Anvilcloud said...

Yes, Grampa probably made the right decision as did we when we decided not to go on the cruise that the kids are on right now.