Thursday, 30 November 2017

Trip to the Dominican Republic 5: Tuesday

Tuesday Nov. 21

 Note to hubby: 
The girls are having a blast. Caitlin said yesterday she was happy I came along, it really makes a difference with different activity choices, and supervision time!
I've found six different bird species, even though we are in a gated community , which is really safe.
Time for coffee # Two!
The skies were amazing at 6:30 a.m., I did another walkabout.

The bamboo trees had fallen over in the night, along the well-groomed paths.

In the photo (above), you can see the gate behind me in the inset. They were very strict and had guards on the gate all the time. The inset photo is a feature of my videocamera, which takes very nice photos!

Below is the stage. Thursday night there was a circus show, which we didn't attend. We were in bed early every night!

If you look carefully, you can see the flickers. They were difficult to photograph, on the palm tree. To view all the critters I spotted: Flora and Fauna. I'm still working on an anole ID!

It was a well-maintained pool, the one behind our room. They tested it daily.

I went into the lobby to send hubby an email. This woman proceeded to sit at my table-for-two, plunking down her water bottles, and loudly make a phone call. Then, the rest of her party joined her, all on cell phones. I just wanted peace and quiet! I took a photo. I was so surprised!

Breakfasts involved lots of fruit, as well as the rest of the buffet. It was interesting, as the fruit section had line-ups, but some people just butted in. Different cultures have different standards, methinks. A tourist-eat-tourist world. sigh.

Back to our room to get into swim wear. Izzy had blisters from her flip-flops. Momma gave her a ride.

My cover-ups were too hot, they are polyester. Lesson learned. The girls loved them, though. My pink one was cotton, as well as my red dragonfly wrap.

Mommy set the timer on my camera, but two seconds wasn't enough.
We had a good laugh as the 10-second timer worked for her.

Down to the beautiful beach. It was well-groomed. Every night they'd pull the loungers back up to the top of the beach, in the morning they'd rake it. There were posted rules about not reserving a chair with your towel ALL DAY, but people were quite selfish. We were hard-pressed to find a spot for our stuff.

There were two people in front of me (see below), both older women, with dark tans. They pulled their loungers into the sun. Then, one put her bra on her lounger and retreated to the shade behind me. I couldn't believe it! There were times when we couldn't find a spot for us. These two had four loungers between them.

Here they were (inset below), sitting in the precious shade of the umbrella. Woman's inhumanity towards humanity. This is why I loathe crowds.

We were blessed with clouds the first few days, I got a bit of a tan. Caitlin was vigilant with sunscreen for the girls. They also wore special shirts that keep out the sun's harmful rays. The clouds were amazing. The girls found a friend, Kenzie.

The day wore on, we got ready for dinner. The transportation was excellent within the gated community.

Dinner was yummy. The bread sticks were a hit, not to mention the desserts. We were so active, that we needed the calories. Desserts were yummy, although, I don't normally eat them!

On the Friday we arrived, they fumigated. They drove a car all along the pathways. I have no idea what it was. The truck's logo was Fumicentre, as I recall. A bit scary. It's no wonder I didn't see many insect.

They liked the cartoon app on my iPad.


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

The towel game is a alive and well at every single resort I've ever been to, regardless of the posted signs. The insects are the reason for the fumigation. It's pretty scary if you are outside when the truck comes along! -Jenn

Olga Hebert said...

What a treat. The girls look like they are having the time of their young lives.

Karen said...

When we lived at CFB Petawawa about 30+ years ago, they used to drive one of those foggers around for the mozzies and black flies. The children of the community would hear that thing coming and run indoors. The odd kid would chase them on their bike and the operator would stop and tell them to go the H*** home!

Anvilcloud said...

Something tells me that many of your fellow tourists were not Canadian. And if they were, they must be re-educated. ;) lol

Nancy J said...

No wonder this is such a popular resort. Love those cover-ups, enough to look smart, keep the sun off, and comfortable to walk, lie or sleep in!!! Guess back at home they will be put away till summertime again. What a difference some thousand or so kilometres makes.

William Kendall said...

Those skies are stunning!

Christine said...

beautiful photos!