Thursday 28 September 2017

Home through Eganville, Douglas, Arnprior

We took advantage of the sunny beginning to the week.
Day 1 on Golden Lake
Day 2 on Golden Lake

This was our drive home Monday, Sept. 25th.
We took a drive through along highway 60, along through Renfrew,  to Douglas, hugging the Ottawa River. Through Eganville, with great big fields, lying golden in the sunshine.

Delightful, old log homes from back in the day. The hay hay been cut, I hope the farmers are happy. Many are beginning to create silage for winter.
 Through there, to Braeside, where the last train went through. Hubby has a picture of that! We ate lunch in Arnprior. We were home by 3 p.m., thankfully.

Lunch in Arnprior. I honked and scared a couple of customers. No one came, either. We just walked in. Lunch on the patio, in 33 degree heat! It was delightful.

A big bee decided to take a sip of my water. JB rescued it with the straw. It flew up, thanked him, and flew away happily.

Arnprior, a couple of hours after we left... How sad. Enjoy each day.
A woman was killed, backing out of her driveway around 5:30 p.m., after a man stole a truck and fled police.
Fatal crash


Olga said...

Glad you were able to rescue the bee and also that he appreciated the rescue.

troutbirder said...

A bucolic enchanting countryside on the way home after a nice trip. Life is good. Well most of the time. Backing out of ones driveway shouldn't get a person killed...:(

Cloudia said...

Aw I save insects too! Sweet

William Kendall said...

That collision made the news here. What a loss.

It's beautiful countryside up there.

Anvilcloud said...

That honking thing had to be East Side, right. I assume that because they have something similar in Kanata.

Karen said...

Did you stop into Ron's in Eganville? That is SOME store! Puts the dollar stores to shame.
Did you notice all the Mennonite farm shops? They have established quite a go-to destination for produce shopping in this area.