Friday, 11 August 2017

Perth, Almonte, happy trails

What a trip! We had errands. I had to pick up a prescription, and print some photos for my client. I'd snapped photos of their barn cats, and she wanted to give them to her daughter as a present.

We followed a mobile home into town. Long and wide, a bit tricky driving! It was a wide load, going right through town!

Have you tried to print photos lately?! The grocery store used to be a good place, but they don't have the machines anymore.
First stop, Shopper's Drug Mart. The machine doesn't accept Apple devices, nor, apparently, a memory card with photos from an Apple product. Next stop, a local printing store. They only print 4 x 6s. I had them printed, but I wanted better!

Off to Almonte (51 km on back roads)  to pick up my refurbished nesting box. It had holes in the barn board. (Nesting box #3!) Also, I was dropping off some of my books for a Senior's Conference in September to be used as door prizes. (Gotta get rid of them somehow!)

The fields look lovely, everything is growing. The invasive purple loosestrife isn't as bad as they thought: beans, wheat, corn.

Next, off to the store to print the photos, if I could. I asked one clerk, and she suggested the drug store. There was a Rexall, so we tried that. Sure enough, a Kodak printing kiosk. I prinedt three collages size 8 x 10" and I was quite pleased with the result! My client can't really see them well, but her daughter can! This is one of them! The barn cats are usually afraid of me, this was a surprise!

Almonte is refurbishing a hydro dam. These are the latest. (Almonte Hydro Dam Progress)

Back to their house to deliver the photos (another 41km)!

I did up some turkey burgers for dinner, and a storm rolled in. There was a rainbow at the end.


Denise inVA said...

This is a great series of photos. Loved the kitties on the chairs. They look so comfortable :)

DUTA said...

Nice of you to make an effort for your client's photos to be printed adequately!
The fields in your pictures , with everything growing, are a real delight to the eyes.
I follow a blog which depicts life in a mobile home; quite interesting!

Christine said...

How about costco?

Red said...

You did a lot of running around for the photos.

Anvilcloud said...

I am finding this a bit perplexing. Most modern printers can do great 4x6 and 8x10, and they're not terribly expensive. I feel that I can print better at home than at Shoppers.

William Kendall said...

Terrific shots!

The one place I'd think of first to take prints... is in Muskoka.