Sunday, 9 July 2017

Two more Tuesday stories, and some J's

 JB had gone into town early for a blood test, in anticipation of a few further tests this month. Then, he went on to prepare and dispatch and deliver Meals on Wheels. I went off to visit with my client. I did her nails, we laughed, chatted about our weekends. I told her about my poison ivy, and my visit to the ER. Sometimes I hold her hand, sometimes we tell self-deprecating stories! We always find things to laugh about.

On the way home, I stopped at our local farm. The strawberries are just about done for the season.  Our farmers have spent hours, time and money, trying to make parking better for customers. Then people ignore the lines!

This silly woman, with Quebec licence plates (from away!) ignored the painted parking lines, and parked just prior to said parking lines, blocking some of the parking spots and leaving her car idling. I parked properly in front of her between the lines. She was picking over the pre-picked berries. I grabbed a basket. By the time I'd paid, two more cars came in and parked beside me. Madame was putting her berries in her car, but could not move. I took my time. Me bad.

Nearly home, I stopped to take photos of a hawk.
Back home,  we saw a deer from on the deck. I saw that it was looking off to the back 40. I called out JB, who grabbed his binoculars. We stood and watched for her a time. JB suggested that  Jenny and Joey go out to dinner. Tuesdays are our volunteer day, we deserved it, and off we went.
We went to CC's on the Rideau. It was a perfect day, this the first full week of summer.

We went to my favourite corner table. Jack (age 3?) was at our table, even though his extended family was at the next table.  I said, 'Hi!', he ran screaming back to his family, crying at the scary lady! I told the hostess it was embarrassing. I'm a retired teacher and a gramma!

Down we sat.
The grandparents took the grandies, including Jack, off for a walk on the dock. Jack was happier there until their food arrived.
 Next, there was Josh, our server. Drinks ordered. At least, I did. Josh took my preferences (water and wine), and began to walk away. "Wait a minute," says hubby, "what about me?!" Josh was suitably apologetic.

 Menus perused. Drinks sipped. Meal ordered. We watched another family kitty corner to Jack's family. There was an other extended family at the opposite table. Daddy was bottle feeding a new baby. The family, including grampa, tired to rein brother Jake in. Jake, about age 3 or 4, came over and began to put the top back onto our water. We watched with amusement. Family didn't peep.
"How old is your baby," I asked Jake.
Jake said, "We don't know!"  His family was silent.

A little later, having poked around his family's table, talking, poking, prodding... Jake came back. He looked at my camera, and  tried to lift up my camera, with the extended zoom lens on it. It's heavy (see the photo!), and was an investment. I was so shocked. PANIC!  "Touche pas," I told the little beggar, in a VERY firm voice. Still, nobody in the family said anything to us, just quietly called him back to their table.
We were happy to go home.


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Less than restful... great views though! YAM xx

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I've heard people actually say, "I don't like to say no to my children." What is wrong with no??
Yes, the berries are done here, too, mine included. -Jenn

Nancy J said...

The water scenes are beautiful. And all those " j's". Do you speak fluent French? I learnt a VEERY little when I had to sit in a French class and study physics, no vacancies left when I decided to switch subjects . So I can count to ten, that's about all I remember from 1956!!!You would go home for some more peaceful places to sit and relax.

DUTA said...

In my surroundings, people with kids usually go to McDonalds to have a bite. However,there's a McDonald branch in a financial vicinity where I've seldom seen any kid; the atmosphere here is business like, quiet. There are no rules, people just learn to adjust to the place. Lately, the bigger branches of this chain have become meeting and gathering points of elderly people; it looks nice and it seems kids have respect and refrain from making noise or running among tables.

A Casa Madeira said...

Tours will always be enjoyable.
Beautiful landscape.
I have a good start to the week.

Cloudia said...

Bless you, friend

Red said...

what are people thinking when they let these little guys control them?

Anvilcloud said...

Your comment about seeing the deer reminded me that I came too close for comfort to hitting one on Hwy 29 between CP and Almonte the other night. I didn't see it at al and then it was there in the dark. Yikes.

William Kendall said...

Aside from the rude driver, a pretty decent day!

I went to the MosaiCanada exhibition over at Jacques Cartier Park yesterday- it's on until mid-October. That's something you should go see.