Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program

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Hubby is on a new volunteer kick! He continues to dispatch and deliver Meals on Wheels on Tuesdays. Sometimes it is twice a week, once in awhile thrice.
I'm very proud of hubby!

Week one

On Monday, July 3rd, he was going out to volunteer with a Therapeutic Riding group nearby. I'm not sure his back can take it, neither is he, but he's going to try. 45 min. leading a horse with rider (+ 15 min. break) x 3. He is anticipatory, excited, and worried, too. He grew up with Belgians, playing under their hooves. He adores horses. I'm crossing my fingers. He met his ex-SIL at the training session. She promptly phoned her sister (wife #1; I'm #3) in B.C., and they spoke on the phone. Kinda fluky!

It is a complicated business, as one leads the horse, and two walk on either side of the horse. They lead the client through games, to teach them equestrian skills. It's tricky keeping control of the horse, since you don't want to upset it, and want to keep the horse and rider calm!

It's a lovely farm, with dedicated volunteers. One horse took the pin out of his watch strap. He had that repaired!
Sadly, he was bitten thrice, mostly only bruised but once they drew blood. He didn't even feel it dripping down his arm! I sent him off for a tetanus shot.
Hubby loves his horses. He says that the clients clearly enjoy the riding, and it makes it all worth it!
He went back, Thursday, July 6th, and was roped into helping!

Week two: Monday, July 10th

All was well. Amber was a good little horse. Back at the medical clinic for another purpose, staff wanted to see his horse bite! They don't usually draw blood!

Of course, we can't take photos of horses with clients, but I have a lot of photos from our horse show visits.

Hubby loves visiting horse shows:
Richmond Fair Heavy Horses
Coldwater Horse Show
Bracebridge Fall Fair - Horses!
Metcalfe Fair Horses!


Olga Hebert said...

I also volunteer at a horse-assisted therapy place when I am in Florida. I have done the side walking, but mostly I work with kids who come from area schools on field trips. Rarely get bitten that way.

DUTA said...

If your hubby enjoys volunteering, then by all means let him go ahead with it.
The problem with retired people (especially those with a major health issue)is that they ignore their own need for 'self-volunteering',and concentrate on others.
Retirement is the last chance one has, to manage a dialogue with one's body, listen to one's body's needs, save one's energies to be able to cope with illness.

William Kendall said...

Quite a bite!

Christine said...

This sounds wonderful for him, I've heard about horse therapy and it must work!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...that's a lot of bites in one session... one would question the temperament of the horses for the purpose if this was a regular occurrence; perhaps more a case of unfamiliarity on both parts? Still, unfortunate experience, and am glad it has not deterred! I love horses too (though they can set of the asthma if am not careful). YAM xx

Powell River Books said...

Therapeutic Riding is very popular here in Powell River. They are well supported and have lots of fund raisers, donations and volunteers. In the summer, the horses are "adopted" by people with pastures until riding starts up again the fall. - Margy

Anvilcloud said...

It seems very worthwhile. I guess most of my volunteerism has been close to home with the grands, and now there is some community photography. It's something anyway.

Jenn Jilks said...

Actually, Yam, hubby wasn't tough enough with the horse. No one else ahs been bitten like this!

Red said...

Good for Hubby for taking on challenge.

Lowcarb team member said...

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I think this is great.

All the best Jan