Friday 2 June 2017

Frog pond update: Wood duck box #2

She could have them hatch this week, then they jump 24 hours after the last one is hatched. The count down is on. Thing is, they only stay in the box for 24 hours after the last one hatches. Then, nada. It's a slim window for me, as an observer!
They were laid May 2nd, and take 28 - 37 days to hatch.

May 28th

It was funny, as I circled the pond, she decided to keep an eye on me!

June 1st

I was back yesterday, and she was gone. The eggs were warm, I guess she's off feeding. It's been a long sit! It's been a cool few days, and she's covered them up.

Here she is watching me from across the pond.
Momma wood duck was watching me as I circled the frog pond. I visit every day, exchanging the trailcam SD card.

The pond has been frequented by a paid of wood ducks, as well as 2 – 4 male mallards. It shows me the wood ducks haven't mated, and she hasn't laid eggs. I don't know if it is beyond the time frame for that endeavour!

These two have hung about the frog pond. Usually, if they mate, she lays the eggs, and he takes off.
The white styrofoam is what I put under the dock to help me raise it in the wetter weather. It popped out!


William Kendall said...

You wonder what she thinks while watching you.

Nancy J said...

Just keeping an eye on you,maybe today, or do you celebrate what we call " Queen's Birthday"? Down here it is held on the first Monday in June, even though her birthday is in April. so 5th June would be a fitting day for them to emerge!!!A cool morning here, yesterday at the Dr's, I met a lady with a beautiful accent, and guess what, she came from Ontario, didn't get to ask just where, she married a man from NZ, and they moved here.

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, the count down really is on!

All the best Jan