Thursday, 22 June 2017

Book Review: The Last Train: A Tokyo Mystery

I found it an excellent story line. It's pretty coarse, and it takes you to the bottom of the darkest nights, but if you want to read a good mystery then pick it up!

I find that some male mystery writers are a bit too dark and vulgar for me, but since we know who the murderer is, the big mystery is to figure out if and when they capture her.

I've never been to Tokyo, and it takes the reader on a dark, dark ride into the culture of business in that country.

Like Pronko's book, the trailer really captures the energy and thrilling dichotomies of this enigmatic metropolis. Here also is an interview with Mr. Pronko, a PhD professor and American expatriate who has lived in Tokyo for 20 years. 
The Last Train: A Tokyo Mystery [Raked Gravel Press, May 31, 2017] by Michael Pronko is the first book in the exciting new Detective Hiroshi Pronko series, whose writing has been lauded by Kirkus Reviews as, “an elegantly written, precisely observed portrait of a Japanese city and its culture.”

The vimeo trailer is excellent! If you'd simply like to see some of Toyko, give it a watch.  The Last Train - A Tokyo Mystery from Michael Pronko on Vimeo.


William Kendall said...

Cool cover.

Red said...

I'm not a fan of mystery stories!