Sunday, 14 September 2014

Almonte Hydro Dam Progress is rebuilding the dam. I began photographing it in Sept. 2014.

Opponents of the dam say the rapids clubtail dragonfly, which is listed as endangered in Ontario, has been spotted in the Mississippi River near the site of the dam expansion. They want the area to be studied to see if the flies breed in the area.

Many in the community are quite peeved. As is often the case. There was some blasting, which was tough on neighbours.

 Enerdu has made changes to adapt to allow American Eel migration, after consultation with the Algonquins and local naturalists.

The total budget for the project exceeds $10 million, made up of approximately $4 million in civil works, $5 million in equipment, and $1 million in electrical and controls. All civil work has been awarded to local companies, including Thomas Cavanagh Construction, and $4.5 million of the equipment and electrical budget has been sourced locally.

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William Kendall said...

That will always stir up strong feelings either way.