Wednesday, 19 April 2017

That was a whirlwind trip, Monday!

Off we went to the city for special shopping trip. JB wanted a vest to hold his stuff. No man purse for him!

He needed something to hold his stuff whilst doing Meals on Wheels: his phone, keys, wallet, and his new camera will all fit in. It is mesh, and will be cool in summer.

We finally found one online at Cabela's new Ottawa store. What a store! It is enormous. Lots of stuffed animals, including a moose, caribou, coyotes, deer, bear. It gave me a bit of the heebee-jeebies, although it was interesting to see what they look like close up. The coyotes are small. Ours seem much bigger!

Little bear (above), roasting marshmellows, needed a home. He was broken, probably dropped, and only the one light under his fire works. It lights, partially, but I found him in the sales department. What the heck! The solar powered sensor was reglued on it. It was 50% off the full price of $70, then 25% off of that. I gave it a home.

 After that, we went to lunch at a newish find: Fratelli. Lovely Italian place with actually great pasta. Too much pasta is over cooked. We've been before. It's tough to find really good pasta places. These are from both our visits. Excellent service, and lovely decor.

Next stop: Big Al's. That was amazing! I can't remember what these worms are, but they are rather creepy.

Then, hubby noticed these iguanas were having a moment! I'd neglected to bring in my camera, so I borrowed his.

Finally, we bought three more comet goldfish for the goldfish pond. We've lost a few over the winter. Home again, jiggedy jig, to pop them in the aquarium. One big, new happy family.


R's Rue said...


DUTA said...

Oh, I do like this kind of vest with many pockets. It makes me angry that it is considered a man's vest only. We women have the same wish as men do regarding items such as money, i.d. card, keys, phone and other small, vital stuff.I've got two vests with pockets - a rather feminine version found on the market- and I'm very happy with them especially when I go on trips, and everything important is on me.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
What a great wee jaunt! That pasta just reminded me I forgot to eat lunch... YAM xx

Jenn Jilks said...

Re: the vest, we have a lot of female fisherpeeps and hunters, Duta. I think it is generic!

Karen said...

I took my grandson shopping last week (Granny is the only one who lets him drive). He pulled into Rick's Petshop and ran in. He came out and tossed two inflated plastic bags to my daughter in the back seat. She just about had a heart attack! One of the bags had crickets and the other those awful for his iguana. Daughter and I are quite phobic about wormy, snaky and caterpiller type things.

Nancy J said...

That is exactly what I needed when I was using 2 crutches. Maybe I should try and sew one!!! What a place to visit. I do NOT like stuffed animals at all . Maybe you are getting some warmer days. We have had 3 cold mornings in a row now. 5 a.m. fire is lit and coffee made. Perfect time of the day for me.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Jenn
My husband Eddie has one of those vests (or similar) he finds it so good when he is out fishing.
It has so many pockets and he can carry everything he needs - he wouldn't be without one.

Loved your post and your pictures.

All the best Jan

William Kendall said...

The bear's a nice thing to bring home. I had to look up where this place was, since I didn't recognize it. I don't get out into Kanata often. I think it's been a year or so.

Red said...

Sothi was a worthwhile trip. You got some neat stuff , ate some good stuff and leaned a whole bunch.

Anvilcloud said...

Cabelas: I guess I should drop in sometime. I have never been to the outlet mall either although I'm not sure what I would do there.

Kay said...

I wish I could have a stylish vest to carry my stuff, but it would be too hot to wear in Hawaii.