Sunday, 12 March 2017

Wetland walkies with Daisy

Can you believe it? We were spring-like in February. Now, we're in a deep freeze. Daisy took me on a wetland walk. She loved the ice and kept leading me around and around. The windchill is horrid.

It's warmer down in the wetland, where the trees protect us and the sun shines. There have been other critters there, as she found some good smells!

Out east, Newfoundland had terrible winds.  Hurricane wind speeds, without the hurricane.

Daisy went hither and yon. She almost got me lost, going around in circles, except I could still hear the traffic. She had a blast!

This fallen tree looks to be a good hideout. She was too fast for me to take a photo!

I went back, and the ice is really thick. It was cracking with a loud noise here and there.

I found another old snow machine sled frozen into the ice. The other one I found dates from the 60s, I would estimate this one is the same. It's awful sledding, with hillocks and tussocks.

Then, there are the mouse tunnels, previously under the snow, exposed to the elements.


DUTA said...

In March the weather is usually fickle. Trees are a good protection from winds and rain.I like the pictures with trees both the green ones and the desolate ones. However, the cat 'steals the show', and captures all the attention.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I second Duta's comment! YAM xx

Cat Lover said...

Great photos Jenn. Looks like you and Daisy had a good time. The wind chill is horrible isn't it?

William Kendall said...

Daisy is quite an explorer!

That bitter cold is settled in here too. A week ago or so the Canal ice was looking weak, even with a gap or two. Now it looks solidly frozen.

Nancy J said...

Crazy Daisy!!! Keep warm, sending love and hugs to all the family hither and yon XXX

Red said...

We've just had a ten day cold snap and quite a bit of snow. It warms up tomorrow.

NatureFootstep said...

same crazy weather over here. Must be hart to locate your white cat in the snow :)