Thursday, 23 March 2017

We have a new vacuum!

It's a miracle! New carpet
With 3 cats, we really need to have a working vacuum. I've regaled my faithful readers with the story of the new carpet. I reviewed an excellent book on the history of carpets: Revere, Glenn; All About Carpets
A new carpet needs an excellent working vacuum!

About to vacuum said new carpet, the old vac got sick. It dates from 2005, as I recall. I took it apart, cleaned it out, replaced the bag, and all was not well. I'd replaced the belt a couple of months ago. The carpet book says you must vacuum a carpet regularly as it increases its life.

Long story short, hubby bought a new one in February. It is amazing! Hooray for entrepreneurs. He took the initiative, researched it, and went for it. (You can read a bit more below!)

Image result for dyson vacuumIt was on sale, $100 off. It was a goodly chunk of change, but with vacuums you get what you pay for. I had to put it together, but it was pretty easy. Then I used it on the carpet... It is so light, much easier to navigate amongst chair legs, and when you want to use it in a tight corner, the red handle lifts out, and you can use the wand for suction. For anyone with a bad back, it is priceless.!

You can see what the vac picked up. All I have to do is go outside, pop a button in the orange top, and the bottom of the canister opens, and out falls the cat hair! You can see what it picked up the first time I used it. I was shocked. It is amazing. And I'm worth it!

Shoddy goods

This one is a great story. Sir James Dyson began inventing a better vacuum. Unlike many of the products in the big box stores, this one is a quality item. It does what he says it does.
I am highly offended by stores, like CheapMart, selling shabby goods. A lawn mower that stops working after a year. Clothes that fall apart. They demand cheaply-made goods, which ends up paying someone in a foreign country a paltry sum to work in a shabby factory. That $10 t-shirt,or cheap tie people crow about, means that foreign workers aren't paid a living wage. Then there are the costume jewelry products, which poison its wearers.

Toxic jewelry: Cadmium found in Ardene, Aldo products - Health ...

Sir James Dyson

This UK engineer inventor wanted better than this. In the late seventies, he began researching a better vacuum. He had to sell his vacuums through Japan, online, since the big companies did not want the buying of filter bags to become obsolete. He founded Dyson in 1993. Following his success, Hoover copied his design, and he sued them, earning a whopping £4 million in damages. Hah!

He has done very well.
According to the Sunday Times Rich List 2016, his net worth is £5 billion,[3] 
He's also opened a technology institute in the UK:

"The Dyson institute will fill a vacuum in education"
This will help to plug the severe shortage of engineers, but more importantly equip students with the mindset of risk-taking that is so central to the success of his company.


Debbie said...

always such a dilemma when purchasing a vacuum. i bought the irobot auto vacuum and i love it. it's moving around as i type!!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh yes, I invested in a Dyson when I arrived at the Hutch - FABULOUS!!! Yes, that fight against cheaply produced products (here a lot of it is from Eastern Europe) is a hard one. So much imbalance. YAM xx

Nancy J said...

I had no idea that so many hours of research went into the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Bagless is the best innovation ever. Good for you to get one that will last. And this is really funny, to know how excited us girls can get over a necessary household appliance.

Cloudia said...


William Kendall said...

That sounds well worth it!

Red said...

I have a central vac system. It's most handy and gets the job done.

Christine said...

So happy for you!

Lady Fi said...

That looks like a robust vacuum! We don't have carpets in Sweden - wooden floors are easier to clean.

Phil Slade said...

We are rsther proud of Mr Dyson. A British inventor, an entrepeneur and a patriot all rolled into one. Shame he blotted his copybokk a little when he decided to have lots of Dysons made in China!

Cat Lover said...

Glad your new vacuum cleaner works so well! We don't have any pets but the previous owners of our house did.I was horrified the first time I vacuumed! Even with just the two of us it is surprising how much "stuff" is in the carpets. Have a good weekend!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We have a Dyson and it is fantastic, worth every penny or dollar :)

Kay said...

I LOVE our Dyson! We have one upright and one cannister and both work fabulously.