Saturday, 18 March 2017

Trump hosts Angela Merkel

"Late night TV comedy provides a needed outlet for a population anxious about its president. They want comedy sharp and skewering." LA Times writer: Battaglio.

I was too busy grandsitting to watch (see the videos we made!), so I saved these tweets here. I think Trump doesn't know how to treat women as equals. Chancellor Angel Merkel outranks him in many ways: knowledge, education and experience, and he can't hold her hand the way he did with the UK PM.

Cost of security for Trump Tower: $183 million/year
Budget for National Endowment Arts/Humanities: $148 million/year

Germany has taken in about a million refugees, about 1% of its population. The Whitehouse accuses the UK of spying on them. 
Zakaria was on @AC360 last night to discuss President Trump's meeting with Chancellor #angelamerkel
— Fareed Zakaria (@FareedZakaria) March 18, 2017


Olga Hebert said...

Keep 'em coming! Butl, you probably have only so much time and may not want to spend it trying to keep up with the gaffes of the U.S. president, which might turn into a full time job.

Cloudia said...

YES! Stephen Colbert is a national treasure in time of need!!!

DUTA said...

I have somewhere a picture of Angela Merkel as a young nudist at the nudist camp Costinesti in Romania. She looks smashing. In those days she lived in East Germany which was communist, so she vacationed in another communist country. In the picture she's with two other nudist girl friends.

Nancy J said...

Keep on Jenn, you will find something at least once a day. The handshake snub was disgraceful, but Angela Merkel was as gracious as ever.I didn't see her saying the other words, but with dubbing, see she is very diplomatic.

William Kendall said...

I saw an editorial cartoon yesterday with Trump telling her that Berlin had a fantastic wall.

Debbie said...

i would rather keep an eye on April and Oliver and the upcoming birth of their baby giraffe!!!

Anvilcloud said...

It's mind boggling. Any one of the dozens of miscues would have sunk Obama.