Friday, 17 March 2017

Horrific snowstorm and traffic incidents

In Quebec, 7 people died, two trapped in their cars in the cold. They had 40 - 70 cm of snow. ottawa had 20 cm.

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Traffic was horrid across the south Ontario region during Tuesday's storm. It wasn't until Wednesday night that the highway reopened at Mallorytown, near Kingston. It involved a chemical spill, plus first responders sent to hospital, as well as incident victims.

The substance had been confirmed as fluorosilicic acid. The acid is used in fluoridating water, and in aluminum production.

The snow has been terrible, as it is precipitated by lowered temperatures, and there is ice underneath.
There was a much traffic on the 401, a major highway across our province.

Here's my favourite OPP Sgt., often on 401 Heavy Rescue, as they upright overturned trucks.

The Mallorytown incident was horrific. The traffic reports roll in. It's awful out there. We were happy to tuck in, fearful for all the First Responders, neighbour, and victims of this incident.
CORRECTION: 19 civilians (1 driver of TT carrying hazmat), 2 OPP, 3 paramedics, 5 FFs taken to hospital.
Update - Hwy401 EB east of Hwy 6 - Pup trailer is up on its wheels, all three lanes open, but still slow through the area
— Sgt Kerry Schmidt (@OPP_HSD) March 14, 2017

All the animals in this transport involved in yesterday's collision were safely moved to another truck at scene by OPP and a local farmer๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
— XBR Brockville (@XBR_Traffic) March 15, 2017

I post this, as it's important to know what not to do and what we can do in the event of a crash.


Anvilcloud said...

Nobody wants to shut down as businesses still expect all employees to show up, and trucks still rumble on.

William Kendall said...

It was definitely a bad storm.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! That's awful and so sad. I can't imagine being stuck in a car all night in the cold.