Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Outdoor trials and trails

What a night. Snow the previous day and overnight, then rain all day yesterday. The pagan lights are still up, and the lights were shining on the ice pellets on top of the snow. We have a bit of slush to shovel. It's a mess. School busses are canceled, grumpy parents will blame the teachers somehow!

The forest was lovely. Deer beds everywhere. And fungus.

We were out in the wetland looking for deer sheds. Nothing. The dock is buried under snow.

We conferred in the meadow. To no avail!

The wetland is looking a bit funny. You have to watch your step. The water has drained somewhat, and the ice just drops. It's pretty shallow water, even when you sink. I wear lined hunting rainboots for safety.

Then there are the trees!


Out To Pasture said...

Very pretty coloured lighting on the snow. The face in the woodpecked tree looks like it is whispering something to you -- maybe a hint on where to find some antlers.

Nancy J said...

That is true dedication, and together, what a comfort out there. I would, if it were me, wait till springtime when it might be a little warmer and the antlers not hidden by snow.

Cat Lover said...

We ended up with a little snow and lots of freezing rain. Luckily the sun is out now and is helping to break up all the ice.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, wonderful images. I always enjoy a walk, maybe not in the snow though. Enjoy your day!

William Kendall said...

We got it as snow, then ice pellets, than a coating of freezing rain in the night. Today's cleared up, with a slight drop in the temperatures.

DUTA said...

Very good, smiling picture of you and your hubby on the snow background!

Debbie said...

i do love a walk in the snow!! yesterday it was 65 degrees outside, 2 inches of snow today. go figure!!

cute picture of you and the hubs!!!