Sunday, 22 January 2017

Walkies, fungus, moss

frozen trees weep ice
boughs heavily laden
juncos sing i
n anticipation

this thaw won't last
sadly they don't know
ol' Jack Frost
hoary winds will blow

crusty ice melts
drops to the ground
birds are all atwitter
yet soon it will be bitter

The path the deer, turkeys and coyotes have trod across the wetland to the island. Today, it's too wet to cross it. The edges, near the mainland, are quite melty!

This is the north east corner of our property. Across the wetland, higher, drier land, where the property marker indicates the extent of our 16 acres, and the neighbour's 35 acres. Beyond this is more wetland, forests and another neighbour's 600 acres. On good days I can hear their cows talking to one another. It was disconcerting, at first, but now I know what they are!


Karen said...

Have the boys shed their antlers yet?

Anvilcloud said...

We are used to January thaws, but there have been a few this year, and this one seems to be relatively lengthy.

Cat Lover said...

Hi Jenn, this January sure had been crazy weather wise! I imagine walking through the woods is a challenge now. I am sure these last few days you could have used hip waders!
Have a good day?

DUTA said...

"frozen trees weep ice" - that's a beautiful metaphor! I remember seeing some canadian pictures of weeping willow trees - quite impressive.

William Kendall said...

I imagine the turkeys and deer must be acquainted with your neighbour's cows, at least at a distance.

Nancy J said...

Looks cold to me, although parts down here had snow a few days ago!! Family are finally on their way to Vancouver after a 2hr 45 minute delay, and this was after boarding!!! I am guessing they will miss the connecting flight to Kelowna now!! Keep warm.

Leslie's Garden said...

Beautiful! love the frosty coating on the winter pot, so pretty!

Cloudia said...

You are the poet of nature!

Red said...

Nice shots on moss and lichen.

Maria Gloria D'Amico said...

A foto das pegadas eu gostei muito e acho que as árvores, no inverno, ficam muito belas.
Jennifer desejo a você e família um 2107 com saúde, alegrias e realizações.
Um abraço do Brasil.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You have a big "yard" to take care of -- it must be like living in a Park. I would think you do from the wonderful nature photos you share. So just a tiny break in your winter eh?

bettyl-NZ said...

These are some lovely winter shots! You found some really amazing things to photograph.