Sunday, 8 January 2017


I don't think so. There is a reason that we leave the present day and future to the upcoming generations. We have to leave space for them.

This sums it up!
I've seen what 90-somethings are facing. The body deteriorates, and wears down. There is a reason for these passages, and to let each chapter go on. Society changes, values change, and there are days I simply shudder when I read the news. One must let go the things one cannot change.  I've accepted technology, and those changes humans have made, but the values are different and there comes a point where one simply does not fit in. I have no further goals or dreams. We have enough money to live on, and this is comforting. This isn't true for many seniors. We have our health, and this is important. We have our forest friends. We have family.

I've been a contributing member of society. I worked long hours, raised my kids, and I am content to watch my kids raise their kids. I am perked up by their visits. It makes me younger. I teach them what I can. There comes a day, however, when one is content to let others bear the burdens. Many wonderful people around here have found new careers after retiring. At age 70+ our snowblower and lawn tractor repair guy had a good, long career with Ottawa transit. He's 'retired' but not for leisure! It's good to have a purpose. This recording of our wee nature preserve is mine!

We had surprise visitors at the end of the school's two-week Christmas break. I was so happy to see them. They are teaching Izzy (6) to play chess. She has mastered the movements of the pieces. She set up the board with the pieces in different order. It made for an interesting game!

Josee (8) is designing a computer game. They are using a great book they bought, which uses an app called Scratch. It's a free app, designed by MIT, where you can create games, interactive stories and such.

Izzy and grampa fed the deer. It was pretty cold. We get them for March Break, and I am so excited. I look at our young people and I feel such promise for the future.


Olga Hebert said...

i think it must take a certain kind of narcissism to want to live forever.

Nancy J said...

This gives me a new perspective on getting older.Yes, leaving room for the younger ones makes great sense. Computer programming , unless we join in can get left so far behind, I'll have to check this out. Wonderful to see them both out there filling the feeders.

Silver Willow said...

Jenn you have a very pragmatic approach. I'm still fighting old age tooth and nail. You give me pause for thought.

William Kendall said...

I remember a news article some months ago that noted that regardless of how many medical advances we can make, there pretty much is an expiry date on just how long we last- you don't see people reaching 130 years old.

Anvilcloud said...

You have a good attitude with which i agree.

However, humanity may be on the cusp of being able to greatly extend our live. Well, Nino ours exactly, but those who will be born in maybe 50 years time.

Chess at 6 is very ambitious. I think I might go crazy if someone rearranged the board though. :)