Thursday, 12 January 2017

Doe, a deer, etcetera!

First, one of the yearlings. So cute!

The females need to be featured, as well. I walked down to the trailcam beside the meadow, and found several. One even followed me down the hill to the trailcam! Not very close, but quite curious!

We're still watching for Tigger to lose his antlers. This morning it was raining, and we've lost a lot of our snow cover.

In the meantime, the cardinal sat still long enough for me to snatch a photo. Also, wicked winds yesterday, my front porch was a mess! There were trees down everywhere. I posted on my weather tracker all of the hydro outages.

Daisy came in to get warm and to get a hug from hubby!


Phil Slade said...

Your porch looks very inviting. I imagine it's a wonderful place to sit still and watch the local wildlife, even in the winter wrapped up nice and warm.

Nancy J said...

I went back to your outages page, hope lots of them had a generator. Loved your Facebook page with your bag!!! And deer under trees, resting quietly, what beautiful photos. Daisy, you sensible girl, you know the best place on a cold day. All OK down here. XXX

William Kendall said...

They are curious animals!

The high wind overnight the night before last turned up here as well. I woke up around five in the morning, came out of my room, and found that the sunroom door had blown open. The rest of the apartment was cold.

Cat Lover said...

The winds were wicked here too yesterday. Luckily our power did not go out!
Great photos of the deer. The female following you looked very interested in what you were doing.

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Powell River Books said...

The cardinal is a bright spot to look at. - Margy