Sunday, 11 December 2016

Maggie, the dear deer

It's interesting following the deer. I can ID them by their behaviour, or their habits, or their antlers (for the males). Sometimes all I find is evidence of the deer. This is a spot where they hunkered down in the snowfall for the duration.

We had a small storm, a cm or two.

This doe broke her leg sometime before Sept. 27th (below, right). I've chosen to call her Maggie.
I photographed her, additionally, on Nov. 8th, and Dec. 10th she came into the yard.

Sept. 27th

Dec. 10th 

Here she appeared on the trailcam.
Here she is peeking out at me from down the hill.
Broken-legged deer from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

Nov. 8th

She trotted into the yard, without her twins. (See below.) She had a male and female.  She and her twins visited on Nov. 8th. It's a good sign, she has taught them independence. You can almost see the antler buds on the deer on the right.

She was limping much more back a few months. She's holding her own, Nov. 27th.


William Kendall said...

They do make for good company.

Red said...

Things like this heal but I imagine it limits how long they survive.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
The self-healing of wild animals is ever-amazing... YAM xx

Cat Lover said...

Wonderful photos. Lovely to see the deer's progress after she broke her leg. Thanks for sharing.

The Furry Gnome said...

Those are some friendly deer!

Anvilcloud said...

It's sad but I guess he's getting along.