Friday 2 December 2016

It's a miracle!

Since we moved in, I've been lobbying for a new living room carpet. SIX YEARS! I spend most of my time in this room, if I am stuck indoors. It was a weary carpet. It didn't owe us anything. Wall-to-wall, the cats would play with the little worm fibres that would come loose. It was a sort of medium pile, and just falling apart. The family before us had 2 cats and a small dog. I don't know about the previous family, nor when it was bought. There was only one family before that. The house was built by Ozzie Love!

It's been used and abused, this carpet. I encouraged my grandies to have TV Breakfasts, and dinners, when we were babysitting. My lobbying effort, I told my daughter. A yucky beige with some weird contouring, I was tired of it!

It came to a head when I was holding a cup of coffee, out of the way of Annabelle, and she jumped right on my arm. Coffee all over the carpet. I swore. At that point, hubby said that for my 60th birthday, on Dec. 26th, we would get a new carpet. Lots of fun.

We went to the store, and pulled some samples on Friday, Nov. 8th. John came over, measured it and went back to the shop and priced it. We didn't need a new underpad, so I went with the slightly more expensive one. The kids were over and we compared, felt it, thought about the girls sitting on it!

I chose 'Heron Gray', as I adore the Great Blue Heron. It goes well with our navy blue L-shaped couch is wearing a cover we bought for $10 at Ikea on a sale. It was a good buy when we did NOT have two white cats! The curtains are Sears 'off-the-rack', also navy blue.

Nov. 29th finally arrived. Despite the freezing rain forecast, it was a go. I wasn't confident that they would arrive, but hubby went off to deliver Meals On Wheels, and it was a go. They arrived at 9 a.m.
John was surprised that I hadn't cleared the room. Seriously.
I said hubby's back isn't good, and I waited until I was sure they were coming.
All the furniture was pushed aside in the dining room, and more stuffed into other rooms. All was good. Out went the old, rather quickly. In came the new. As he carried it in, the installer said, "I hope it's the right colour.'


It wasn't. The wrapping, from the factory, had mislabelled and we had another beige carpet. It was rolled up and removed.

John headed back to the store, and the installer and his son and I sat on the stairs and had a coffee.
THIS is heron gray!
 It wasn't well-wrapped from the factory, see the folds. The installer shaped and ironed them together, however, and it looks great.

Next chore: stripping the couch cover and pillow covers and washing them. I was not entirely successful, but I washed them both twice. Two white cats...
The pillows sat in the living room and dried overnight.

Ta da! The cats like it, too.

Happy birthday to me!


DUTA said...

Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy the new carpet! It's beautiful and well-deserved.

Out To Pasture said...

Good choice of colour, Jennifer. It looks lovely.

Nancy J said...

Much better to have the birthday carpet before the 26th!!! Love that grey, and after all the drama, well done to everyone.

William Kendall said...

A lot of work, but well worth it. I wonder what the cats thought while everything was going on.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
That looks FAB-YOU-LUSH!!! YAM xx

Olga said...

happy Holiday to you indeed! It looks great.

Red said...

The carpet change has to happen here, but we're going for laminated flooring.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looking good! And you're so young!

Anvilcloud said...

Well done. That should last you for a goodly while.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

nice BD gift. It will make a lot of difference to your mood this winter. hope the grand girls understand they won't be able to picnic on it like they could on the old one .. and you will have to give the kitties some Christmas toys to make up for the loss of those loose threads they used to bat around )))