Thursday, 15 December 2016

Book Reviews: The Thorium Stratagem

This was an interesting book, especially in the light of the current news cycle. Also, since I've been sick with a cold, and it is -14 C. outside today!
Let me refresh you with a few news tweets.

Hinckley has written two books,
this is his second.
This is such a timely book! With President-elect Trump in the news, he should read about how the undercover world works, since he is eschewing his security briefings!

We watch a lot of political and espionage shows. This book hit home for me. It's all about the money, you know. Follow the money, and the espionage. It's a good thriller, and a good point that countries have to look after one another.

The Thorium Stratagem

As is the way these days, many authors are speaking about their books on video: Kent Hinckley - The Thorium Stratagem. The video can't be posted here, due to its privacy settings.
The Thorium Stratagem

I won't tell you more than this, since the publicists precise is excellent:

The Thorium Stratagem (Fiction / Thriller) In Kent Hinckley's new novel, a shy financial analyst from New York visits his school chum in Moscow who works for the FSB, formerly known as the KGB. Discovering that corrupt US cabinet officials and a Russian billionaire plan to steal the technology from Russian scientists about a green energy source, the FSB Agent asks his American friend for help, hoping that together they can prevent the theft and avoid the conflict it would cause.


Nancy J said...

The plot sounds very feasible. Stay warm, Cold winds down here, we lit the fire yesterday!!! Do you have lots of warm hats to go with those fab gloves?

Debbie said...

i hope you are feeling better - it sure is cold there!!!

William Kendall said...

In this day and age, the plot does seem plausible and intriguing.

It's gotten really cold here.

Red said...

Sounds like speculative fiction. It would go well with what's going on with Trump. It's pure fiction