Saturday, 17 September 2016

Stacking our wood

My poor purple toe!
I wouldn't have thought it so tough this year.  Clearly, it is best to just chip away at it. You can cut a job in half if you have helpers. I couldn't kindle much interest the first hour, felines were napping. I just keep lumbering on every day. Later, I sawed the cats coming in to help.

OK, 'nuff! Did you get them all?!

It would have been easier, except the first day I had to haul out the kindling from our downed summer trees (older wood), and take them out to make room. I spent a goodly amount of time stick handling. Sticky pine branches!

The day before the wood arrived, I tripped. My sprained toe is healing, and socks and running shoes
are required.

Delivery Thursday, Sept. 8th

Working Day 1 Sunday,  Sept. 11th

We took off Friday, Sept. 9th for a day trip. [Day trip to Golden Lake & Barry's Bay #1
It was a fine day, and one that should have been enjoyed. Saturday, still sore, was the day we released the rehab raccoons. [Raccoon Release in the forest]

The next day, I went at it. I spent an hour stacking, after my 30-minute morning TV workout, had lunch, and then worked a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was a good way to pace myself. Finally Daisy came to supervise. in the first photo she was at the garden. Then, she decided to explore the pile.

Later, after Daisy was bored, Annabelle came to supervise. She was more of a distraction. She thought the sumac tree was a great place to be. She camouflages well on the wood (see her in the back of the shed?), and in the sumac tree.

An excellent work day. You know you've worked hard when you find debris in your sports bra! The shower, afterwards, felt so good.

Day 2 Monday, Sept. 12th

The second day, I started off preparing the pile behind the house. Hauling off the debris and equipment, then removing the tarp from the remainder of last year's wood. Next, using the log splitter, I split a few of last year's pieces that were too wet to split. I had limited success, even with a 6 ton splitter. That elm is dead hard. I gave up with a few pieces.

Then, I hauled a box of wood from the shed into the basement, where our fireplace is, and out popped a field mouse. It must be somewhere down there. Poor thing was a surprised as I was!

Next, put the splitter back in the garage. (That sucker is heavy.) Then haul out the tractor, clean off the dried grass. The trailer tires needed help. One was totally flat. Then, my first pile of the wood. I didn't really accomplish anything much. Time for lunch!

 Hubby cannot lift the wood, but he can rake the bark and debris! He was a big help. Then, he swept out the shed interior, as chipmunk has been helping herself to the bird seed and making a mess.

In the afternoon, I had my client and happily took off to sit with her. While I was gone hubby did some more raking and tarped the rest of the pile. 
Hubby phoned Bob, who asked if we could bring the tires into his shop. Not really. I don't even know how to get them off!

Day 3 Wednesday

Things didn't go well on day 3. I'd forgotten about the preciously flat tire, which required pumping up the day before, and it seemed to give up the ghost. I couldn't pump it up at all. Then, the tire on the heavy wheelbarrow, gave up, too. It was so frustrating. I don't know how to fix either one. I don't know if the tire pump is busted, or the tire. I had to prop up the wheelbarrow and transfer it to the other wheelbarrow. Dorah came by for a look see. She was totally bored.

I tarped the pile late morning, as it began to rain.

Annabelle was no help. She slept indoors, since I was running the tractor. Here she is through the window, into the basement.

First thing, though, Bob came and hauled away my wheelbarrow and tractor trailer. He has the equipment to pump up the wheels. He is really good at fixing things. He has tools!

This was a bit of fun. A break during my next run at it, as Daisy decided to check things out.
Hubby went into town to pick up the 2017 calendars I'd made. Purolator didn't figure out he was in the backyard, and simply left a notice.

I had a nice lunch, and refueled, then went back at it. I could hear Annabelle meowing. Turns out she was locked in the shed! Oopsie. She forgave me.

Daisy was insanely jealous when Annie came out for moral support. Mind you, Daisy was on my right, Annie came around my left and neither knew the other was there.

There was a kerfuffle. This is MY  mummy and you can't be here.

Finally, the job was done. Hubby did the last bit of debris, as I collapsed in his easy chair, with the massage feature! He came back with some boxes to gather the debris, and we are done! We have a young buck who has been wandering around in the mornings. Lots of fun!


eileeninmd said...

Hello, sorry about your toe, I hope it feel better soon. Love the kitties and the deer! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

carol l mckenna said...

Feel better ~ you are certainly surrounded by love ~ quite the actions shots of the cats ~ love them!

Wishing you happy days ~ ^_^

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Marathon work - who needs exercise telly??!!! ouchies for the toe and drats for the miscreant tyres... you deserve a day on the couch now! YAM xx

Karen said...

We are so far behind with our wood. We need about a week of good chilly weather to make that heavy work tolerable. Heading to cottage this week so hopefully it will have cooled down when we get back.

Powell River Books said...

Firewood work is hard. Your toe looks painful. You need to fix up some saddle bags for the kitties so they can help you carry the kindling. - Margy

Red said...

Moving wood is a repetitive job where you can just get lost and keep going. It looks like you have a large winter wood supply. Now I hope the toe gets back to normal in a hurry.

Anvilcloud said...

The jobs get harder and longer, eh?
Now, you're all ready for winter.

William Kendall said...

Ouch on the toes! I wonder what the cats think watching you working on the wood.