Saturday, 6 August 2016

Goldfish pond update

Trying a goldfish pond count, I have counted about a dozen Alewives in the pond. They must be from old eggs, in the wetland plants I brought in. They are non-native, but they are cute. Also called Shiners, their bellies shine.

 Along with them, there are similar-sized baby goldfish. I've been trying to photograph them, and you'll just have to make do with the photos I ended up with, a bit fuzzy, but they are cute. You can see size comparisons to the full-grown and growing goldfish! I think there are 5 or 6 babies, but there must be more, perhaps 7. We'll go for that and see how many I bring in in the winter!

Then there are the froggies. I've had 14, down to 14, 13, then 12. I am up to 15 on Sat., July 30. I've regaled you (or grossed some out) with my baby watersnake saga. Sorry to those who don't like snakes.

It isn't the smallest snake I've seen, the one left I spotted on a canoe ride up Jebbs Creek last year (A canoe ride marathon: 9 km!). It was humungous. The older they get, the darker they get, I believe. I found one of a similar size, back in 2014. Look who was hiding in my dirt pile! I wouldn't of handled it if I knew it was a watersnake. They are so aggressive!
watersnake in Jebbs Creek, 2015

wee watersnake, 
wee watersnake, 
My baby watersnake was spooking me. Saturday morning, I figured out how it can sneak up on the frogs, under the water and grabbing a foot or leg. There is a hole in the pond liner, and snakie snuck into it, coming out the side of the goldfish pond. I'm sure this was made by my mice friends. (Yes, despite 3 cats.) Taking the bull by the horns, or the watersnake in the net, I took him out to the back yard. Lest you think that isn't far enough, those who know, see it is about 100 m (or yards) back there. I am not sure it'll stay out in the wetland, but we will see. They move fast, and maybe it'll be happier in the swamp.

the' back 40'

Ta ta, snakie. Have a good life. It wouldn't stick its tongue out for me. :-(
I walked with it in the butterfly net, way to the back of the yard. We shall see...


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
If 'Snackie' has any sense, it'll skid for that back pond and live large!!! Am impressed at the expansion in the house pond... YAM xx

Out To Pasture said...

I do enjoy your backyard wildlife reports. You have a rich habitat there, Jennifer. The water snake has a lovely pattern. I wonder if it will come back to your fish pond. I'm staying tuned.

William Kendall said...

Quite a lot of water life, Jennifer!

Kailani said...

Ignoring the snakes....I prefer the goldfish and frogs. I miss the sound of frogs.

Nancy J said...

Your pond is quite full of fish and froggies, love the one sitting on a turtle? And huge water lily leaves, I guess that is what they are. Hope the snake stays down there. You are so brave.

Red said...

You got some good photos of the snakes. Apparently some people release goldfish here and they do quite well. so well that they've become a problem.

Powell River Books said...

I just saw a small garter snake on my floating garden deck. I didn't tell Wayne, he's afraid of snakes. Not petrified, just doesn't like them. - Margy