Monday, 1 August 2016

Bees and Wasps

They are everywhere! I usually have a wasp nest in my garden storage shed. I have to remove it, since they dart out and sting me anytime I need to grab a tool.
I managed to remove it on a stick, and I tossed it into the bushes. There were two wasps fighting one another, and eyeing me.

I saved last year's nest, don't know why.

My lone bee nest is getting refilled by the bees and wasps. You can see little bee nests in all sorts of nooks and crannies about the property. It looks like they used leaves to block the entry.


Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Happy to say that the wasps we have living in our shutters seem to be the placid types, but I have had some very unpleasant encounters with hornets and yellow-jackets!

Cloudia said...

Exciting, Jenn!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
When I was over at Edinburgh recently, dad had to get the wasp exterminator in - european wasps are one of the very few bugs even I cannot tolerate and they were swarming right underneath the spare room annex! Bees, though, they's friends of the earth. Luv da bees. YAM xx

Karen said...

Mike went to start the tractor to run the wood splitter the other day. When he pulled the tarp off, he was attacked by a gaggle of the dirty BUG***S. We waited until evening and sprayed the nest that was under the seat. I have two nests up under the eaves by my bedroom window now. They don't waste any time relocating.

Kailani said...

Hi! New to your blog! I've been avoiding two very large black bumble bees that have been enjoying my roses that are closest to my patio. Fingers crossed!

Francisco Manuel Carrajola Oliveira said...

Fotografias fantásticas.
Um abraço e boa semana.

William Kendall said...

You'd wish they wouldn't build nests so close to home!