Sunday, 17 July 2016

Stewart Park Music Festival 2016

Stewart Park Music Festival => July 14 - 17!

It was packed. We parked in the community, on a back street, although they did have shuttles at a couple of places around.

Up over the new bridge, yes, the one that people have been arguing over. (Haggart Isl. Dam and Bridge repair on the Tay River) <= I snapped some photos of them building it! It's is a delightful little town, Perth!

The streets were very busy! The couple on the bike probably should have chained it up somewhere. Just sayin'. I had to navigate around them as they manoeuvered around the booths and displays. This is why I loathe crowds, and I know I'm not alone!

Somebody was lined up for a 'cookie', and ended up buying a whole brownie, which he did not share!

Do you remember my lovely spider necklace? I get compliments on it everywhere. Sadly, I wasn't wearing it! Here is the young woman who creates them! Elaine Stuart, who has ES Essentials!

Then there is the duck race to benefit YAK, the kids' youth centre. There were peeps everywhere  advertising and selling the duck tickets! Good job! We bought one... here's hopin', wishin', as we could use another storage shed! We dropped off one of our computers for them to use.

Lots continue to swim in the park. I would not! Ear infections, eye infections are the result of e.coli. There have been signs, and they had disappeared. Some controversy around that! It was a bit cool to swim this year. 

E.coli water warning sign to return to Mill Street swimming hole soon

By 2013, testing by the RVCA, the Town of Perth, and the FOTW, in June, July and August, “at various sites along the Tay in Perth, compiled suggests the main e.coli source is from storm water.” 


 I like the crossing guard! It's necessary!
The Tay River is lovely through town, Mexicali Rosa has a patio overlooking it.


Anvilcloud said...

One day we took the kids and a picnic lunch to Perth to eat and play in Stewart Park. I ended up driving back to CP because there was no close place to park, and who wants to lug lunches and chairs a long way. We have avoided the festival for this reason. Too bad.

Nancy J said...

So Summery, the stalls, the sky and you!!! Down here, about 6C, snowing on the mountain north of us, so good for the skiers. I love your posts, and when I read, can imagine being right there.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
It's frustrating isn't it... enjoying such events, but having to deal with the people who insist on being there at the same time! I had a similar experience at the art showing the other evening - and there was no seating... sigh... LOVED the work though. Lunch looks good... cheers! YAM xx

sandy said...

I enjoyed all your photos!! I have a friend who has visited Perth quite a few times - would love to see it some day ...well anywhere in Australia would be an adventure i would love.

William Kendall said...

It looks like you had an enjoyable day.

DUTA said...

As I advance in age, I am less willing to mingle with crowds. However, the liveliness of these fairs and festivals is catchy and does one good. Your photos of the music festival in the lovely town of Perth made me feel as if I'm there on that spot and enjoying myself.