Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Book Review: The Golden Princess

I have been telling my grandkids a story over a long period of time. I thought I'd put the stories into a book. I was sent a book for review, and I really couldn't finish it!

Mine was a small book, on-demand publishing. They grow up so quickly, only our 6-year-old likes the stories now. The thing is, there are very few people who might want to read it. I commissioned an artist, through Fiverr, for the main image.

The Golden Princess

I wasn't the only one who this idea. L.R. Garner had the same idea as I had, only he published a 243-page book of stories he told his granddaughters and greatnieces, which were submitted, but never published. I was sent this book for review, but I wasn't thrilled with the story. I made it to page 50 and had to give up. It simply wasn't a strong plot, and the characters befuddled me.

With these self-published books, like this,nz one, you aren't guaranteed that there is a plot, good writing, or any editing.

Garner's choice of book cover was intriguing for me. It is a fabulous photo. Normally, one credits the photographer. I found nothing in the book. Suspicious, I went to Google Image Search and found this page:

The 10 Most Expensive Bellingham Homes For Sale

There it is. For an author, this is a serious violation of copyright laws. Such a shame.


Anvilcloud said...

What a fine memento for your scions.

William Kendall said...

That's a bit underhanded. Not having kids, I wouldn't go for it anyway.

Powell River Books said...

Wow, wonder where that is in Bellingham. Not near our condo near the mall for sure. - Margy