Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Book Review: 1986

author Morgan Parker
I wasn't sure about this one, at first. It took awhile to get to know and have empathy for the main character, Allana Harrison. It is a good plot and, after you feel you want to smuck her upside the head, there is a rousing great tale. Intrigue, with a nuclear power station,  seems a bit eerie, but not beyond the realm of possibility.
Spying and intrigue ensues, once all is set up in the story.

The setting is the town of Pripyat, and the Chernobyl disaster (April 26, 1986) which ensues. I like stories that take me to different parts of the world. However, it seems ridiculous living in a country and not knowing the language, but that is our heroine! It is quite lusty, and adultery doesn't quite catch my interest, but this is what leads to her downfall. She is quite the character.

From the publicist

Now a young adult, Allana finds herself on the opposite side of the world, in the prosperous and rich town of Pripyat, far away from her past and from the crime, grime and hustle of bigger cities. She doesn't understand the language or know anybody else except her husband -- and that's just how she likes it -- until she meets Alex, another American who ends up being her only friend, the one person who reminds her of what it's like to feel desired, wanted and hungered for.


Red said...

The date 1986 is interesting. the time is of another age when some of these things happened.

William Kendall said...

The premise sounds intriguing.

Powell River Books said...

I've been reading a lot of Wayne's hand-me-down Kindle science fiction books. I wasn't much of a scifi fan, but have learned to like them more as time goes on. I have a whole shelf of off-the-grid and local books I should start reading and one of Wayne's new books to edit. So much to read, so little time. - Margy