Thursday, 21 July 2016

Bala Falls Update #30 And Almonte Dam

The Ontario government was committed to reducing our dependence upon non-renewable energy. A series of wind farms, solar panel farms, and the refurbishment of defunct hydro dams, has been the result. It has drawn many protests. Hydro is in a mess, and this doesn't help things.

Truly, this is update Bala Falls update #29!
It is sad that we cannot reconstruct existing hydro dams without huge political protests. Those against it still claim that the refurbishing of the dam will result in a 'trickle' of water. People from far and wide, with no real interest in it, other than protesting, seem to think they have a vested interest.
From a dam, designed to keep the water levels high enough for steam boats for the tourists, Bala has changed over the years. The exploitation of the water continues. This was a sacred portage for Aboriginal Peoples, but that ship sailed a long time ago. The train brought tourists and money to the town from the city of Toronto. Those with money were happy to spend it on luxurious resorts for the summer. Native Peoples still lived in poverty, some became richer exploiting tourism, logging and the land and water. Read Bartleman, James; As Long as the Rivers Flow, or Raisin Wine to read more about this era.
Bala Falls 1910
Bala Station 1916
Old Burgess Store 1938
Main street in Bala 1940
Bala Wharf
Below the falls 1930

"SAVE THE BALA FALLS", not sure from what!
The Bala Falls Hydro Project began in 2004, and they are still protesting it. Ridiculous.
Motorcycles pollute the air, with two-stroke engines, in their support for 'save the Bala Falls"
Canadian motorcycle group heads to Bala to support saving the falls
— Moose FM 99.5 (@moose995) June 24, 2016

@BalaFallsHydro Is it the ridiculous STBF lawsuit against TML you mention? If so, why would council/legal give it any serious consideration?
— AT (@JacksonBTT) November 19, 2015

Almonte Enerdu Dam

Then there is the Almonte Dam.
Almonte is in the middle of a mess, but their dam has not-so-silent supporters.
As well as protestors.
Some protest on the basis of critters, who couldn't use this habitat until after the dams existed. 
The rapids clubtail dragonflies flit about in the Mississippi River, likely oblivious that they are the final salvo in a small Ontario town’s battle over a proposed hydro dam expansion. 

Many insist on their right to play in the water, despite the dangers.
Almonte Falls from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.


Anvilcloud said...

That section in the last still photo. Saw three guys jumping and swimming in there. My heart was in my mouth.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...meanwhile over here the nuclear debate continues to rage... tsk... (Chinese to build a new Nuke Power Generator in South England...) sigh.... Loved your damsel fly from previous post - a jewel indeed! YAM xx

Nancy J said...

A lot of people protest against anything they really know nothing about, it is their lifelong ambition to do so.Political, environmental, whatever it may be. I now tend to totally ignore lots of things, too sad, too bad, too much to take in, and think of good days. Have a wonderful day up North. Hugs from a cold 2Celsius at our place ( Fire is lit, and coffee poured at 5 a.m. ).

William Kendall said...

There are arguments for both sides.

Red said...

There have been some very famous disasters and people are not ready to see more things destroyed.

Maria Gloria D'Amico said...

Jennifer, desejo um ótimo final de semana. Beijos.