Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Perth Classic Theatre Festival 2016

Many small towns, with a steadfast winter population, create the will, find the money, sponsors, venues and talent, to host wonderful summer theatre. I find this rather exciting, as my son and daughter-in-law are both actors. Jesse Martyn has appeared at Shaw Festival, Stacie at Stratford (which is how they met), and they have appeared together in shows in Chemainus (on Vancouver Isl).

Perth, Ontario, is another one of those towns with summer theatre opportunities. In this, Classic Theatre Festival 7th summer season, they are putting on three plays: I Ought to Be In Pictures! (Neil Simon), Arms and the Man (Shaw), and An Inspector Calls.  We were comped tickets for the opening night, after a very busy week. We were happy to go and put our feet up, so-to-speak!
I Ought to Be In Pictures! (Neil Simon)
Photo by  J.D. Labelle

Used with permission

I Ought to Be In Pictures!

 It was a fun evening, with many volunteers all contributing to the event. A small venue, it was comfortable, with added padding to chairs! It was a good piece, but not my cup of tea, and a bit too sentimental. Premiering originally in 1979, it was quite retro, and not one of the most famous of Simon's plays.

The three actors managed that Brooklyn accent so well. They were a tight trio. I liked the set, it was quite clever. There didn't seem to be a hitch in the production, and that is always a relief!
We went to the opening night.

Capital Critics Circle has reviewed the play, you can read Iris Winston's review here. Winston summed up the plot, and wrote,
When it premiered on Broadway in 1979 and in the 1982 movie version (with Walter Matthau and Ann-Margret), critical response was mixed, often commenting on the sentimentality of the theme or the stridency of the performer playing Libby.
Featuring Barb Scheffler, Alison Smyth and William Vickers, it plays 8 shows a week until July 17. Tickets at 877-283-1283 or online at classictheatre.ca

Perth Through The Ages
Perth is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year (1816 - 2016).

Along with the three plays, Classic Theatre Festival 2016  is offering other opportunities to get to know Perth.

The first is the Perth Through The Ages theatrical walking tour. It is a bit far for us, but it would be interesting. They begin at the museum, and end at the park.

We spotted the actors as they returned to the Perth Matheson House Museum, on Gore St. during our tour of the museum. More on Yam's visit later! You can view previous museum walking tours by visiting their web page, where videos are available.

Another lovely small town tradition is the Lonely Ghosts Walking Tour. With much history, comes much conflict, death and dismemberment! 
Lonely Ghosts Walking Tour



Every Friday at 7p.m. from July 1 to August 26.


Naquillity said...

sounds like a lot is being celebrated during Perth's anniversary. hope all the festivities go well. glad you had a nice time at the theatre... have a great day~

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Um trabalho muito interessante.
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William Kendall said...

The Ghost Walk would appeal to me! There's a town down along the St. Lawrence, Prescott, I think, doing a couple of Shakespearean plays this summer.

Red said...

Local, small and lively makes for some good summer theatre.

Yamini MacLean said...

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Yes, it's clear I did not budget enough time!!! YAMxx

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Muito interessante, certamente.
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