Thursday 2 June 2016

Handy work in the yard and at the pond

Maggie Magnolia has two blossoms this year. You can see how I protected it! Sadly, Bambi has nipped the top. Another project, a tall branch, and wrapping.

On the frog pond front, only one momma wood duck has prepared a nest. This is terribly late, and I'm wondering if the early spring, and hot weather turned off their hormones.

I'm happy to note that one female was on the pond, and she's laid 8 eggs (more or less!). You can see Daisy looking for her chipmunk friend. I also managed to find some poison ivy near the wood duck nesting box. sigh.

It was a busy day, the other day. I replaced two hose reels, after researching them for through sales flyers. This one on the back of the house. We are only watering judiciously.

There is an engineering error in #2. Both the hose and the reel are made by Yardworks. When the hose is rolled up, it blocks the flow. I've been trying to undo it only a bit, to water the goldfish pond nearby, but I have to unreel the entire hose. I snipped off the black protector, and it sits better now. Silly engineers!

 I was serenaded by three tree frogs in the dead elm beside me as I worked, as well as the tree frog that inhabits the water barrel. I took him out once, but he seems to find bugs inside the barrel!


Olga said...

busy, busy, busy.

Christine said...

Isn't summer a lovely time of year, everything comes to life. Beautiful magnolia bloom.

William Kendall said...

One would wish the deer would behave themselves!

Nancy J said...

Engineers, designers, sometimes I think they do not test adequately, or think " OK, this looks good, lets leave it there", well done to alter and get it running smoothly.A good hose reel is worth gold in my opinion!! We have 2 Celsius, the fire is lit, winter has arrived with a bang!!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh my, magnolia magnificence... we have actually had five days in a row of sunshine here, with more promised; it will be Murphy at work if summer actually arrives here whilst I'm overseas!!! YAM xx

Red said...

Ducks will nest very late. It's not too late now.

sandy said...

Cute frog! Wow it looks like you keep so busy whether enjoying nature or working around the property.