Saturday, 4 June 2016

Canoodles and turtles

The first part of one day involved the first canoe trip of the season (Friday, May 20th). A conifer had fallen across the spot where my neighbour lets me park the canoe and launch it. While the family does forestry work, they are pretty busy.

I cut the branches on Thursday. All I needed was enough space to drag my canoe across to the dock in the background. All I had was the 400mm lens on my camera!

Friday, May 20th, back for my first canoodle of the season. This required my putting the canoe onto the heavy-duty wagon perched on top of the life jackets, dragging it along the highway up the road, to the amusement of many...

A lovely canoodle. I took a photo of this mom and daughters sitting having morning coffee.
I asked if I could take their photo.

"Sure," said mom, "as long as you don't put it into the newspaper!" I did not!  ¯\_()_/¯

It was really windy in the lake, outside this bay, and my arms had a good workout. Lots of sunbathing turtles in the calm bay. A pair of loons in the open water.

My short canoodle done...
I had to wade into the water to rejig the posts. It's all mud, and the water is much shallower than in previous seasons. Water levels are down 30%, they estimate.

Ducks and turtles are everywhere. I spotted this friendly pair on my way home from my client's house!

In the meantime, the Cedar waxwing is back. I hope she creates a nest in the pine tree again! [Cedar waxwing tales] The first photo, for your amusement, it was perfectly focused before she jumped off the branch. The second photo, from last year when s/he gathered burlap for the nest.


Anvilcloud said...

Well, I suppose you were canoodling with nature in a way. It's a different kind of canoodling though, but I am sure very rewarding. Have a good weekend.

Debbie said...

very nice, i have only seen cedar waxing once in the backyard, but it was thrilling, they are so beautiful!!!

great captures, i see those turtles all around this area!!!

sandy said...

Your canoodling looked fun. Love the boots! All the lakes in the mountains here are down in their levels - especially an area called Boulder Bay in Big Bear - these very expensive homes sit on the hill and where there use to be water in the bay it is now way out.

Out To Pasture said...

Eastern Ontario is definitely experiencing a drought. I love your canoe. Mine is in dry dock (the barn).

William Kendall said...

The turtles do love to get some sun time, don't they?

Kay said...

I just love the coloring on the waxwing.