Monday, 13 June 2016

Book Review: Kobee Manatee

At first I thought it was a book about Manatees, amazing creatures! Then, I realized it's all about clouds and weather patterns. There is lots of good information about hurricanes. It includes a CD, a song about Kobee, which I cannot play in my new computer!

The art is wonderful. Manatees have been facing issues in habitat waters, and it provides a lovely venues to introduce children to this gentle giant.

Kobee Manatee
Kobee Manatee: A Wild Weather Adventure is the second book in Robert Scott Thayer's award-winning picture series. The series has been endorsed by Good Morning America meteorologist Rob Marciano and has been cited for its dynamic inclusion of illustrations, story, and "fast facts" designed to introduce children to science and weather in a fun and meaningful way.

Kobee and his seafaring pals are on a voyage across the Gulf Stream to surprise his sister Kim for her birthday in her home waters of Nassau. They know the three hundred mile journey will be risky—it’s hurricane season after all—but they are brave and tenacious and so decide to give it a try. Using cloud formations to predict the weather and traversing several climates, aquatic features, and sometimes perilous weather events, the friends stick together through both storms and sunny skies.
Kobee Manatee

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William Kendall said...

That looks good for kids.