Friday, 13 May 2016

Things are popping in the province

Horse chestnut tree is popping, but it is a dry May, so far. There are storms on the way, thankfully.


There are fires everywhere. There was a grass fire Thursday in Muskoka. Several of my Muskoka friends had to take detours coming home from work.

Carleton Place 

Here is a fire report from Carleton Place. The building was there when we drove by a week ago (first photo). Now, it is gone. Olde Barracks, near Carleton Place,  it has been empty for years. It is a legacy from the Cold War Years (60s), used in the 70s, and all the windows were boarded up.
They were known as Federal Readiness Units, with 12,000 square feet above ground and 6,000 below. They were to be used to stockpile supplies and house about 80 emergency personnel who would sleep in shifts so two could use a bed.

Perth Construction - detours abound

There is much construction in the region. Our local town, Perth, is having a road replaced in the centre of town. Poor hubby doing Meals on Wheels!
The culverts were done first.

People who work in the town have sat for 40 minutes waiting to get through. There were 5 Cavanagh trucks going through as we waited. This was 6:00 p.m., as we went into town.

Poonamalie Locks

The Poonamalie construction is done, here are my photos from the construction. (I love work, could watch it for hours!) They've installed a parking metre, which looks somewhat incongruous across the canal, but someone has to pay for it, I suppose.

Westport trip

These geese have repurposed the beaver lodge! It looks like two adults on top, one in the water, and several goslings.

There are goslings everywhere, although people have been noticing that there are not a lot of ducklings.

I snapped a blue heron in flight. Something to add to the bird butt collection, but evidence, indeed!


Sarah Laurence said...

I'm sorry about all the horrible fires in Canada. I love your goslings shot!

William Kendall said...

I wonder if the ducklings are kept close to the nest this time of year.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
One of the marks of summer I grew familiar with in OZ was the scent of bush fire smoke... not one of the things I miss... YAM xx

Red said...

It's spring! we've got to get busy and fix things. Things grow and develop at this time of year.

Karen said...

The fires are alarming. Every once in awhile we smell some smoke. Not sure if it is drifting on the wind from AB or a closer fire. I know there was one closer to North Bay earlier in the week. Mike is really worried about our location. There has been a lot of logging the past ten or so years leaving copious amounts of dried tinder on the ground. The last fire went through here in 1920 and we can still see the old charred stumps. (I'm about 5 km as the crow flies from the Algonquin Park border)

Anvilcloud said...

We are just around the corner from the barracks and could smell and see the smoke.

Kay said...

I miss our beautiful horse chestnut tree in Illinois. It did fall one spring, but luckily missed our house.