Friday 20 May 2016

Tay Valley, Lanark County handy maps

The recent launch of the historical mapping project,shows the settlement of the soldiers and settlers by individual lot, concession, names of the original and subsequent families and telling their stories for a lasting on-line legacy on the history of the current municipalities.
You can plan where to eat, play or stay, as well as viewing the land allotments.

Lanark County tour map

Mapping of Military Settlement: Lanark County <= for the land allotments of 1816 on.

Some land was set aside for clergy and crown,
you can see the extensive work done colour coding this map.
Here is another area map: Tay Valley land use, Funded by . (Hubby loves his maps!) Perth is the strange shape, outlined in red mid-right.


Red said...

I get drawn into these issues as we try and protect natural areas and developers want the areas so that they can make money from their development.

William Kendall said...

That project is quite worthwhile.