Sunday 8 May 2016

I tried to fix a mistake

Our Eastern phoebe has decided to build a nest in the shed. Again. It went well some years, not so much others. Both cats and raccoons, even squirrels, can climb up the wooden posts.

I could have removed the nest, there is time to build. Instead, I put up some barriers. You cannot see it now. Either they will abandon it, or accept it. Time will tell. They were still out about about yesterday, Saturday.

Another year, 2012, in the tree house. I had to put chicken wire: Phoebe's feeble nest refuge.
Bungied chicken wire on the balcony,
see the nest mid-photo!
My twins explore the tree house.
Felix is on the roof, Buster the branch. (2011)

One year, 2014, in the perfect spot in the shed: they laid 5 eggs, hatched 4. [Phoebe babies have hatched!] On the right side the walls cannot be climbed. On the left, is a spot where Daisy likes to perch while I'm stacking or unstacking wood.

Another year, 2013,  it was above the doorway beam. That, too, seemed perfect, but something climbed up and the nest was on the ground, the fledglings gone. I hope they were OK.
This one hit the window. It flew off later.
Nice placement!


Karen said...

Mine are checking out the nest over the door now and again, but they don't appear to be improving it or using it. The last litter they had last summer died in then nest. I think it I knocked it down they would build a fresh one, but they don't appear to be wanting to renovate this one, so maybe it will stay. There are a LOT of phoebe's around so they are finding adequate nesting spots somewhere.

(PS. We had SNOW this mothers day morning!)

Cloudia said...

Love your critter friends. We are praying for Canada

Powell River Books said...

Our barn swallows are looking for spots. We've had to encourage them to go elsewhere by taping up newspaper to protect our front porch if they seem interested in that. The safest spot is at the peak of the roof, but for some reason they haven't used that nesting spot for two years. There's even an old nest they can rebuild if desired. Two years ago we lost a nest full of almost full sized babies to something that climbed the cabin wall to get inside. Probably a squirrel. - Margy

Nancy J said...

Birds usually know where the nest is safe, but a few years ago we had nests in a grape vine only 4 feet off the ground, but so well covered by lots of leaves. I hope the phoebe gets safety after your efforts,.

William Kendall said...

Hopefully things go smoothly for the birds this time out.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Such is life in the (semi)wild! YAM xx

Red said...

I hope your phoebes make it . They are such quiet little birds.

Kay said...

I hope the birds are OK too.