Sunday 15 May 2016

Book Review: First Circle Club

Alex Siegel's First Circle Club
I've tried to do my book reviews on Wednesdays. I've been so busy with gardening, our owl, and all the other flora and fauna that we are welcoming back this spring, I've been falling behind.

This one is quite the novel. He's a prolific author, and has quite a few out there. This is the first in a trilogy. At first I was quite surprised, but began to like the book and, most importantly, liked the characters enough to find out what happens.

It's a fiction novel, and it's quite gruesome and graphic, but I could handle it. Unlike a horror movie, one's imagination only creates what one can handle. I liked the plot. It is entertaining and funny. The characters are quite human, as well as inhuman, and lets the reader confront their notions about heaven and hell. It's a positively fascinating take on crime fighting, the supernatural, and it is entertaining!

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The plot

When Virgil is betrayed and murdered, he thinks his days of catching fugitives as a U.S. Marshal are over. He is condemned to an eternity of filing paperwork in the First Circle of Hell. Then a demon lord gives Virgil an unprecedented assignment. He will return to Earth as part of a team: two souls from Heaven and two from Hell. They must stop another damned soul who escaped and is now murdering teenagers on Earth. The serial killer has supernatural skills and is part of a larger conspiracy which is well prepared for a fight. If he is not careful, Virgil could be murdered a second time.

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William Kendall said...

I've heard of the writer- it sounds like quite a read.